Entrants 2017

Liwaans Ajith Antonit A
Cooling System for a Solar Photovoltaic Panel

Manivannan A
Waste Heat Recovery from Vehicles using HPTEG

Vignesh A
Automated Irrigation System

Magesh A S
Design and Fabrication of V-block Fixtures for Metal Holding Operations

Eslam Abbas
A Device for Active Surveillance

Shaaban Abdallah
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine with Aerodynamic Brake

Nur Liyana Abdul Rani

Ray Abel

Neeraj Abhang
World's Largest Underwater Electricity Generator

Salman Abid
Spill Free Conveyor

Rami Abousleiman
Prevention of Dry Eyes Caused by Computer Use

Edgardo Abucay

Shukla Acharjee
Food Security App

Lance Adams
Virtual Reality Aircraft Deicing Simulator

Kwame Sekyi Addo
A New Environmental Friendly Gas Flaring Model

Oleg Agamalov
Magnitude-Phase Controller (MPHC)
Field PSS

Pooja Agarwal
Cake Slice Serving Plate
Anti Skid Product for Car

Himanshu Agrawal
Smart Security Watch

Kaustubh Agrawal

Andres Aguillon
Universal Grip for Mobile Photography

Greg Ahira
RIGHT MIX STRIPS™ - Ethanol Fuel Test Kit

Prasad Ahirrao
Fuel - less Transportation System

Sunzid Ahmed
Marine Waste Shell Powder: a Novel Organic Antimicrobial for Fresh Foods

Noman Ahmed Khan
Liquid Level Control of Coupled Tank System (MIMO) Using PI Controller

Bilal Al Refaie
Turbofan Engine Works by Water (Clean Energy, Save Your Money and Environmentally Friendly)

Ghassan Alasmar

William Alexander
High Flux Computer Processor Cooler

Zoeb Ali
Engine Conversion

James Aliberti
Heat Flux Sensor Based Thermostat

Sergei Aliukov
Adaptive Suspension of Vehicles with Wide Range of Control
Inertia Continuously Variable Transmission

Mohamed Alkalla
EJBot: Versatile Climbing Robot for Industrial Vessel Inspection

Jane Allen
Catheter with Dedicated Flushing Port

Role Alvarez
Integrated Pulsating Combustor for TurboFan Jet And Rocket Engines as Augmentor

Luis Alves
H.M.R.M. (Hypocycloid Magneto-Repulsive Motor)

Andrey Andreev
Inverted Magnetron as an RF Source for EM Drive

Petru Andrei
New Camera Design by 5G Connectivity

Randy Andronica
Optical Illuminated Rule
"Green Glass" Repurposed Glass Bottles
Digital Rule

Willem Anemaat
Pickup Truck Fuel Saver - DragShield

Norbert Angi
Preliminary Design of a Light Sport Aircraft with Emphasis on Wind Tunnel Tests

Marc Appelbaum

Harry Archer
Fence of Silence

Chirag Arora
LockSec Password Manager

Hitesh Arora
Electrification of Existing ICEVs by Retrofitting

Alejandro Arroyo
Aero Vitae: Blackwater Aeroponics System
HDFS: Haptic Driver Feedback System

Adam Asif
Design and Manufacture of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Swarna Tej Athota

Nisha Attri
Consumer Product

Ismar Avdic
Smart Tattoos

Nikolaos Avgerinos
Sol-FrigoSys: A Hybrid Autonomous Cooling Chamber

Eranna B
Bio Chip
Sun Rise
Solar Wireless Point-to-Point Communication

Sandeep B
Design and Fabrication of Wood Chopping Machine

Shyam Sundar B T
Fire Fighting Drone / Water Jet Fire Extinguisher

Adnan Ul Haq Babar
TAIZ - Energy Analytics

Anya Babbitt
Mobility Platform Changing the Way People Meet and Move - Carpooling, Carsharing and Healthcare Transportation

Naveen Babu

Paolo Bacchin
Smart Fire Extinguishers Network

Tanmay Badhan
Anyway Electric Wall (Goodbye to Electric Boards)

Dipika Badri
An End to End Prescription to Delivery Medical System

Anikete Bajaj
IOT Based Intelligent Speed Adaptation of Vehicle

John Bakas
CarBidet ® Car Bottom Washer

Geoffrey Baker
Connector for Hardwood Flooring

Darshan Bamb
Wearable Exoskeleton

Krishna Bandi
Through Glass Integrated V2X Antenna for DSRC Communication

Arnav Bansal
Remote Monitoring of Industrial Devices

Edward M Barnes
iPhone and Computer Audio Accessory - Music Booster

Carlos Barrera
State of the Art Novel Project Development Tech/Human Habitat Space Power-Plant Self-Feed Unit Generator

Gautam Narayan Baruah
A Low Cost Overunity Machine Mechanism That Also Allows Warp Drive, Feasible and Real Time Travel for Humans

David Bathurst

Sakshi Batra
Cab Booking System for the Blind

Sue Becconsall

Raymond Bell
Energy Recovery Suspensions

Gabriel Benel
Guidance System for Visually Impaired Athletes

Reynold Bengun
Home Security & Automation

John Benn
Sunlight Harvester

Elizabeth Benson
Leading Innovation in Clinical Education with RealLifeSim & VetLifeSim

Mark G Benz
Hafnium Filter to Make X-Ray CT Safer for Children

Jim Beregi
Freedom Mass Transit
Freedom Mass Transit

Michel Bernier
SHOT - Lightweight Engine Starting System Without Battery/Starter

Nihal Bhatt
Virtual Diary - Digitally Store the Data

Lyman Bishop
Hard Armor Shoulder Plates

Aditi Biswas
SolaVi - Solar Plane

Anatoly Blanovsky
Hybrid Solar-Wind Power System

Leslie Blevins
Doubling the World's Clean Energy, Food and Water Supplies While Keeping Global Warming Under Control

Thomas Block
Environmental Sensing in the IoT with BME680: Unlimited Applications Become Possible

Alan Bodner
Development of Breathing System for Divers Based Upon Separation of Dissolved Air From Water

Fijalkowski Bogdan
The Fijalkowski Engine without Crankshaft and Connecting Rod Mechanisms

Bernie Bon
Hyper4 - High Efficiency Internal Combustion Engine

Ante Bozic

Nagarajan Br
SkyAuto - Next Generation VTOL

Lori Bracamonte
Lightweight, Wear Resistant Metal Matrix Composite Brake Rotors

Avra Brahma
Remotely Piloted Commercial Vehicles

Dow Brain
Catch all Harvest Concept

Martin Bremer

David Briggs
Plico 2: A Folding Garment Hanger for Narrow Neck Holes, Modified to Enable Mass Production

Ettore Brillante
Stealth STOVL Mil. Airplane

Matthew Brody
Tesla Turbopulsejet

Tom Brosz
"SunSpot" Solar Energy Monitor

Dave Brough
The Flipper - The Lean Green Shovelin' Machine

Jeff Brown
Shock Mitigation Sports Helmet Liner

Keniel Brown
Ferro-fluid Immersed Permanent Magnet Machines

Michael Buchman
Turbocharging the Single-Cylinder Four Stroke Engine

Denis Buffet
Inductive Charger for Vehicle Hosting a Quick Releasable Battery

Vincent Bush
Dental HINT™

Sirisha Bussa
Satellite Which Absorbs UV Rays

Kala Butler
Magnetic Renewable Engine

Ananthakumar C
Automotive Nail Gun
Transformable Drone

Harita C
Transport Management System Using Opportunistic Networks in Delay Tolerant Networks

Sarathkumar C
Smart Safety Jacket

Duane Cambre
Archimedes Ship

Bryce Campbell
High Performance Security Fastener

Lyle Canfield
Warning Device for the Blind

Xiangkun Elvis Cao
HI-LIGHT - Solar Thermal Chemical Reactor Technology for Converting CO2 to Hydrocarbons

Luciano Cardoso
A New Form for Cities and Farms

Peter Carr
Breathe Safe

John Casey
Casey Success Every Time

Brandon Casutt
The Magfoil

Manuele Cavalli
360° Camera System

A. J. Cave

Dan Cengic
The 21st Century Swiss Army Knife CUV

Rastislav Ceresna
Contact Lenses Engaging the Ocular Microbiome to Prevent Inflammations of Cornea

Aditi Chadha
DAZL for Women's Safety

Manish Chamoli
Wireless Advance Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Rolando Chamy
Low Cost Water Bio Treatment Plant for Andean Agriculture Production

Terrance Charles
Tractor-Trailer Truck Aerodynamics

Brent Chase

Swapnil Vasant Chaudhari
Highway Wind Power Generation by VAWT (Vertical axis wind turbine)

Kreteeka Chaudhury
Pathogen Detecting Machine

Kajol Chaurasia
Coresident Attack in Cloud

Melissa Chavez
IAGIES - Impact Absorbing Gel Infused Exoskeleton

Elias Chavez Monarrez

Kan Cheng
Power-Train for Vertical Takeoff (PTFVT)
Wearable Power Modules (WPM)
Fuel Air Injection (FAI) engine
Personal Transporter (PT)
Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Solar Collector

Vaibhav Chhatrala
Plug-in Hybrid Scooter

Pei Han Chiang

Nandagopalan Chidambaram
Ecosense - A Savior of 1,00,000 Metric Tons of Carbon Emissions

Prem Chidambaram
Standardized Bliss – An Organization App

Raja Samanth Chinni

Paulina Cho
Litro de Luz Brasil

Deepak Chopra
Artificial Intelligence Based Wood Cutting Machine for Kitchen and Other Works

Ravi Chotaliya
Remote & Key Finder

Vikas Chourasia
Night Solar Cooker

Prof. Dr. Mohammad Asaduzzaman Chowdhury
Self-energy Generating Material

Chenkuei Chung
Mechanical Energy Harvesting, Storage and Lighting Using a Novel Microneedle Structured PDMS Based Triboelectric Generator

Chandan Chutia
A New Flavored Cheap Medicine for Different Diseases and Health Problems
Rural Battery

Andrea Ciampaglia
An Easy to Build Sporty Car for Emerging Markets

Mark Ciotola
ExoHab Open-Source Space and Earth Habitat

Sarah Cockburnprice
VR4CAD: Transforming Engineering Design in 21st Century through Virtual Reality

Gary Cola
Flash Bainite: Maximum Strength Steel making Automobiles 100s Lbs Lighter, Safer, & Lower Cost

William Colburn
Hi Frequency Entry Device

Philip Cox
Robotic Construction of MegaStructures

Eric Crews

Scott Crosby
Solar Panels for Electricity and Water Heating

Esperanza Cruz

Paola Cubillos

Gowtham D
Linear Motion Wiper System

Yousef Dajani
Life Capsules

Marco Daldoss

Deepika Dang
IoT Based Municipal Waste Treatment Plant for Smart Cities

James Dark
Modular Cargo Acess Pallets

Sherief Darwish

Dyuman Das
Semi Automatic Upper Dipper Control in Automobile Headlights

Ashish Dawari
Creative, Low Cost and Reused Cardboard Furniture for Home Decor

Arthur De Araujo Antunes

Blake De Garza
Quantum Entanglement Security Scenario

Raven Decuir
Eco - Humidifying Windmill
Vaccine Puffers

Diego Delia
ApnoSafer, a Wearable for Sleep Apnea

Will Delsman
AC/DC Voltage Transducer

Catherine Demetriades
AutiZmo the Robot

Ritesh Deokar
Advanced Space Debris Disposal System

Manan Desai

Parimal Deshpande
Sleeper Cell (Autonomous Bombing Vehicle)

John Detore
The Quad Fold Helicopter concept, QFH

Sadesh Devaki
50 to 80% Water Savings

Sachchidanand Dhar
Tachometer-portable, Battery-operated, Non-contact Stroboscope

Ajinkya Dhariya

N R Dhivyashree
Amalgamated Renewable Energies

Emily Dibenedetto

Emily Dibenedetto

Camilo Diez
Rhino Safe Eyeglasses Frame

Bill Diong
Slim Semi-autonomous Bus Rapid Transit Vehicle

Norman Dippenaar
Bank-on-it Recycled Products

Varad Diwakar
Ignition Interlock Based Vehicle Safety Device to Prevent Drinking and Driving

Krishna Kant Dixit
Emission Control in Vehicles by Magnetic Fuel Conditioning

Adam Dixon

Arushi Dogra
Route Finder and Communicator

Jesus Dominguez
Environmentally Sustainable Production of Polyurethane via Bio-based Nonfood Sources

Emil Donkov
Highly Efficient “Ideal Diode” Rectifier

Efthymia Douroudi
Re[in]spired Architecture

Henry Doyle
Aircraft Deicing Innovations

Neven Dragojlovic
EYEYE System Module for Deep Learning

David Dranchak
Supercor VFI-689/Vortex Force Impeller System for Rocket Motor Turbopumps

James Drew
Micro Gravity Propelantless Propulsion System

Elsamarie Dsilva
Crowdmap for Sexual Violence

Kanishk Dwivedi

Sanjana Dwivedi
Mango Plucking Device

Tholkappiyan E
Development of Bio-Composites Using Banana Stems and Used Paper Waste for Sound Control Application in Building

Karuppathal Easwaran
Brain Wave Entrainment Therapy for Insomnia

Jesse Eichenlaub
Advanced Autostereoscopic Display for Avionics Applications

Brian Einsla

Robert Eisenman
SafeKey - GPS Enabled Keys

Hans Ekstrom

Samer El Sayary

Mahendaran Elangovan
Fuel Detection and Distance Prediction Using Multi-dimension Regression Method

Turan Elchuev
Electric Braille Cell

Ahmed Elmenshawy
Paper-Based Fully Automated ELISA

Sammy Elshaal
Electric Generating Turbo

Sharmin Zaman Emon
Low cost and sustainable emergency surface water purification system

Harsh Rajendrakumar Engineer
Portable Thermoelectricity Generating Kit/Incinerators
Fuel Cycle

S E Enjavi

Andres Espinoza Hernandez
PET Fusing Machine

John Ettridge
Linear Motor Braking System
Frictionless Electric Brake
Electric Gear Box and Clutch

Sotiris Evgenidis
Portable and Non-invasive Electrical Device for the Diagnosis of Coronary Artery Disease (Cor-IS)

Ehtesham Farooqui

Dimitris Farros

Mehnaz Fatima
Solution for Unwanted Stoppage of Elevator

Don Fedak
Centrifugal Phase Separator

Brad Fekete
EV-ICE Heavy Duty Truck Hybrid Retrofit Technology

Lee Fellows
Breast Cancer Treatment
Large Area Lightning Arrestor

Coleman Fincher

Halbert Fischel
Untralow Resistance Electrodes For Galvanic Electrochemical Cells

Clinton Fischer

Jim Fiske
Gravity Power Plant

Daniel Fitzgerald
HMI Cube

Randall Flann
RoFo WOODEN BARREL BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

Pedro Flecha
UV Oxygen Concentration for Mars
Desalting seawater with oil

Clarence Fleming
Associative Array (Content Addressable Memory)

Tom Fournier

Christopher Frank
Profitable Rim with Induced Motion

Wes Fulton
SunPointer Clock

Kavitha G
LPG Gas Management System

Paskalis G
Qmood - Your Intelligent Mood Assistant

Prabu Ram G
Anti Supply Hippo Intelligence Valve
Tri Wheel Mechanisch Uterstutzter Rollstuhl

Raghul G
Efficient Engine

Shanmugha Sundaram G A
Smart Pipelined Potable Water Distribution System in Emerging Economies

Marco Gabaldo
Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet

Pratik Gaikwad
LIDAR Road Paver

Somnath Garai
Self-Rechargeable Electronics Weighing Machine - No Need to Recharge From Outside
Increase Resistance From Strong Earthquake for Multi Storied Building
Application of Daniel Bernoulli's Method at Truck and Wagon for Fuel Saving
Process of Washing of Water Tank Without Entering Into Tank
Energy Generation From Household Waste Water and Excreta
Floatable Bio-toilet During Flood
Bed for Bedridden Person

Daniel Garcia

Alexandra Gavilano
Pyrolysis - With Clean Biwaste Technology Towards a Sustainable Future

Honey Van Mae Gaviola
Determination and Analysis of a Spray Cooling System for a Car Pre-cooler

Giorgio Gaviraghi
Solar Flower
Domestic Laundry Center
Droneport Building

Oliver Gebhart
Medical Based Giant Magneto Resistance GMR Reduced Invasive Cardio Myocyte Application

Crisnet George
Squat Posture Toilet

Vladimir Gerasimov
Hand Washer

Rabin Gerrah
Device and Method for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Dysrhythmia by Ablation
Device to Harvest Blood Vessel for Coronary Bypass Surgery

Mannan Ghanizadehgrayli
Roof System With Energy Efficient Features

Prathamesh Ghankutkar
Fuel Cut-Off System for Vehicle Safety

Shubham Ghodke
Drone With Assault Rifle and Face Recognition

Sujoy Ghosh
Server Controlled Car

Debashish Ghoshal
To Reduce the Ever Increasing Fueling Costs for Semi Trailer Trucks

Krishna Gilda

Gregory Gilham
Static Wireless Electrical Energy Technology

David Giurintano
Torso in a Box

Chhaya Godse
Create New Tools To Accelerate The Eradication Of Malaria: Cell Phone Camera Microphotography for Accurate Tele-diagnosis

Mesut Goksu

Harold Goldbaum
A Powerful Electricicty Generator Whose Function Depends Upon Electromagnetic Phenomena

Nahum Goldenberg

Henry Gomez
Exchanging System for Charged Power Bank

Shelley Gooden
Portable fNIRS Device for First Responder and Home Use

Raj Gopal

Pawel Gora
AI-based Transport Planning and Management

Gaurav Goyal
Eddy Current Braking System for Automobile Application

Shirley Grace

Brendan Graham
Compact Personal Aircraft

Mario Greco
Intelligent "Flat Pack" Structures for Space

Bob Green
The BobbyJack Pipe Lift

James Greeson
Composite Hybrid Wind Turbine Water Tower

Stephen Griffin
Quartet H2O LDD Actively Cooled Lateral Surgical Fiber Optic

Tom Griffiths
World’s First Cost-effective Multispectral Sensor-on-Chip Solutions

Karl Guenther
Urban Technology for People and Cargo

Nilaabh Gugale
Future Dustbin

Gonzalo Guillén Solsona
Flexible Tool

Vaishali Gulati
Animatronic Hand Using Bluetooth Module (Wireless Transmission)

Alankar Gupta
Inexpensive, Simple and Safe System to Prevent Aircraft Fuel-tank Explosion

Sandhya Gupta

Sanjam Gupta
Thematic Mapping

Satish Gupta
Making a Hovercraft Landing Base / Platform at Seashore by Cementicious MF Polymer Sea-Sand Composites

Vikram Kumar Gupta
Device to Prevent Itching in Psoriasis Disorder
Free Energy Generator for Aerospace and Defense
Free Energy Technology That Works Really
CUI Detection Tech Based on Vibrations and Magnetism
Fuel Free Transport System Based on Seesaw Track
Solution for Swinging Problem of Overhead Cranes

Mehmet Ayber Gurler
Energy Transmission - Wireless Technology

Edward Haering
Background Oriented Schlieren using Celestial Objects (BOSCO)

Eugene Haffner
Wait Less

Sajjad Haidar
Low Power Wireless Transmission

Voy Haig
Door-Mounted Sanitizer

Stewart Hamel

Alireza Hamidian Jahromi
Mesh Sprayer Device (MSD); Liquefied Mesh Delivery System

Il Song Han
Neuromorphic Vision for the Blind-spot Cyclist Detection and the Road Safety

Eli Har Shefer
Monitor Expansion

Roy Hartfield
Continuous Flow High Efficiency Engine

Simon Hartley
UniQuad Hydrogen Electric Agricultural Utility Vehicle

Bruce Hawkins
Radiation 6

Dominic Henry

Gary Henthorne
New Cathode Design

Stephen Heppe
Stationary Free-Flying Stratospheric Platform

Jessica Herman
Charging Shoe and Automatic Charging Station

Javier Hernandez
Preventive Maintenance & Condition Monitoring through IIoT and Machine Learning
3D Printing for Civil Construction

Zvi Herschman
Artificial Implantable Kidney

Ben Hertzog
Aculon NanoProof® Surface Treatments

Ed Heussner
The Sub-0 Home Freezer

Eric Hinterman
RCS/ICE Soldier Heat Removal System

Buke Hiziroglu
HemoPen(TM) by Aïma: Revolutionizing Personal Healthcare

David Hochberg
A Means of Increasing EV & ICE Vehicle Range Using Normally Wasted Suspension Energy
Lightweight, Compact, High Output Generator

Leonard J Holmin
MAREO to Mars

Abdulrahman Homadi

Edward Howard
Hyparcool - Liquid Cooled, High Intensity LED Grow Lights

Paul Howard
Capture Waste Heat from Draining Shower Water

Nolver William Huaman Minga
LimpiAgua: Device for Treating Water by Photocatalysis

Da Wei Huang
Ultra efficient heat engine

Henry Huang
Autonomous Intelligent Tire Pressure Monitoring System

Mohammad Hussain
Innovative Free-Flying Wingsuit
A New VTOL Propelled Wing Design Specifically Defined for a New Flying Car Concept

Donghwan Hwang
High Efficiency and Environment Friendly Gas Engine

Ahmed Ibrahim
Low Cost Digital Micro Fluidics Platform for Biomedical Applications

Periguide Incorporated
PeriGuide - Safe Treatment for Cardiac Tamponade

Kristina Inozemtseva
Mind Your Money

Mike Irivne
High Visibility Biopsy Needles

Anand Iyer
Wheel Size Adaptable Portable Towing Device

Dhanasekar J
Bluetooth Robot Control with Position Monitoring System

Gregory Jacob

Henning Jacobsen
Non-polluting Propulsion Technology for Ships Up to 100,000 Tons

Suprith Jagannath
Regenerative Braking Aided Air Conditioning in Automotive Systems

Aashish Jagini
Saha - Work Together

Tim Jago
Combat IED's

Mahavir Jain
Electromagnetic Reciprocating Compressor

Rishabh Jaiswal
Design & Development of Oil Extractor

Kamal Jassal

Diji Jayakaran
Eternal Energy Electric Device
Future Communication & Entertainment of Humans by Illuminating Air for Displaying Images by Thinking
Active Shockwave Cancellation
Trillion Times Faster Processor Using Amplification Technology
Non Invasive Medical Scanning and Healing
Future Transportation by Levitating Humans by Thinking

Kirthi Jayakumar
The GBV Help Map

Leelananda Jayasuriya
Compact Impulse Turbine

Soren Jensen
"Sit-in": Anti Vehicle Ramming Attack System
Head North

Snezana Jeremic

Pedram Johari
INLAB: Implantable Nanoscale LABoratory

Samuel Johnson
ecoSPEARS - A Non-invasive True Solution to PCB Pollution in Contaminated Waterways

Ove Johnsson
Elevated Beam Structure for Cargo and People

Chris Johnston
Viento HD - True 1920 x 1200 Thermal Camera

Nixon Johny
High Efficient Two-stroke GDI Piston Engine

Teppo Jokinen
Airplane Leading Edge
Filter Less A/C System

Alexa Jones

Caroline Jones Carrick

Jerry Jordan
Aviation Tire

Akshat Joshi
Easing Parking Capability of Car Through Sixth Sense Technology

Rajkumar Joshi

Shrikant Joshi

Vishal Joshi

Igor Jovanovic

Kokila K
Fingerprint Authentication Image Enhancement using CNN filters

Radhakrishna K
Intelligent Safety System for Women using IoT

Raghu K
Fabrication and Analysis of Hover Bike Prototype

Tharun K
Bomb Diffusing Robot

Ramesh K M
Smart Solution to the Electric Vehicles Charging Issues to Make the Electric Vehicle’s Usage Feasible

Keerthi K S
Combat Autonomous UAV for Border Security and Emergency Encounters

Anil Kachhadiya
Innovative RK Walker

Renee Kakareka
Wearable Communication for Deaf and Hard of Hearing - See to Hear

Yuriy Kalashnikov
Light-acoustic Intona Complex Improving Quality of Health and Life

Rajnish Kamat
Digital Validation and Certification for Vehicle PUC Certificate using IoT with Cloud Computing

Jayaram Kantipudi
Automobile Pollutant Absorbers

Kiruba Karan
Methanol as Automobile Fuel

Joseph Kassai
Fellow – Smart Pet Gadget. Controlled by Humans, Powered by Dogs

Miguel Kassis
Calculation of the Critical Frequency foF2

Satya Kaul
Ocean Energy Recovery System

Guru Vishnu Kavali
Car Breath Analyzer

Michael Kelley
Train Guidance Drone

Gary Kemp
In Home Deployable Storm Shelter

Tim Kertis
Secure Coding Framework

Kurt Keville
Solar-powered Supercomputing

Mausam Khadka
Replacing Wheels From Landing Gear of Aircraft with Caterpillar Tracks
Movable Airplane Wings

Mohamed Khalil
New Design for Engine Crankshaft

Sejal Khan
CDrug, A Webapp & SMS Based Point-Of-Sale Verification Service To Fight Counterfeit Drugs In Bangladesh And Other LMIC

Ben Zion Khayut
Modeling of Computational Perception of Reality, Situational Awareness, Cognition and Machine Learning Under Uncertainty

Volodymyr Khranovskyy
Energy Saving Filter for Removal of Heavy Metals from Water

Ozgur Kilit
Modular Floating Buoy System With Multi-layered Swing Mechanism for Stabilization of Offshore Platforms

Vineet Kiran
Magnet Null Spot Motor

Russ Kittel
Conformal Battery

Wanda Klopf
Dental Floss Dispenser With Clip

Adriaan Koene

Michael Kosak
Space Sail for Interstellar Travel

Alexey Koshkarev

Sai Kour
Design and Fabrication of Battery Powered Monowheel

Valeria Kozmina
Disc with Magnetic Levitation

Christo Krastev
Ovarian Cancer

Preshant Krishna
Linear Controlled Magnetless Machine for Future Transportation

Natarajan Krishnamurthy
Painless Adhesive Bandage
Auto-safe Bed-fall Restraint
SAFER Diamond: Risk Assessment Schema

John Krishnan Myjak
Enhanced High-Performance Tires

Krisada Kritayakirana

Milan Krupa
AllFuel TotalCombustion Technology (AFTC)

Rohan Lal Kshetry
Subterranean Air-conditioning for Comfortable Living, a Green Solution

Jessica Kuhlman
Mechanical Leech System

Anshul Kumar
Reducing the Fuel Consumption and Exhaust Emission of a Gasoline Engine by Inducing HHO Gas Produced by Exhaust Waste Heat

Harihara Sudhan Kumar
Enhanced Portable Laryngeal Stimulator for Speech Therapy

Kiran Kumar
Drunken Driving Detection and Engine Locking System

Manish Kumar
Neodymium Shock Absorbers

Mohit Kumar
Active 4 Wheel Steering System
Light Detecting Automatic Headlight System

Sanjeev Kumar
Intelligent Mirror for Health Monitoring

Senthil Kumar
Hybrid – Traffic Mode in Automobiles

Vijay Kumar
Private Key Aggregation Cryptosystem

Vinoth Kumar
Spartan RBS

Vivek Kumar
Disaster Prediction System

Dinesh Kumar G
Health Watch Companion

Lakshmana Naidu Kundrapu
Smart Detector

Meily Kusumawijoyo
Weight Scale Pallet (WSP)

Iskender Kutlucinar
Single Valve Per Cylinder Engine (SVPC)

Donald Ladanyi
SUPERIOR Replacement to Apple Cider Vinegar for the FASTEST Acid Reflux (GERD) Relief Available!

Anthony Lalama
Omeguitar: The Guitar Trainer of the Future

Christoph Lang
Phase Change Material Thermal Storage with Constant Heat Discharge

Alex Langensiepen
Future Martian Rover with Hybrid Retro Propulsive Thrusters

Nasa Langley Research Center
Plasma Deposition of Metal in Composite Panels
Directional UAV Localization of Power Line Ultraviolet Corona

Ellen Langsetmo
COTS Mini Radar Imager Unit

John Langston

Akintunde Lawal
New Greenhouse Solar Cooker Invention

Carl Lawrence
Velocity Electric Motorcycle

Raynel Lazo Antunez
DroidBrella...The Best Shade Possible..at Your Glance's Command.™

Donald Lefever
Airliner Economy Class Sleeper Seat

Daniel Leo

Mikhael Lerman

Henry Levy
Steering Wheel Steerable Track Laying Vehicle (Tank / Tractor / Robot Feet)
Stereoscopic Patent Imagery Filing Submission, Archiving, Searching, and Viewing System
Dual Combination Head-worn Drone and Backpack Drone Launching and Landing Platforms
Autonomous Robotic Mars Rover Mother-bus Carries Multiple Flying Drones
Scout Surveilance Projectile Photographs Miles of Land

Detra Lewis
T1 Stabilizer

Jianming Li
Oscillating Field Electrical Stimulator (OFS) for Regeneration of the Spinal Cord

Hakan Lidbo
Hearo - Internet Of Sound

Nitin Lingayat
Hydroxy Gas Generator

Patrick Linteau
Economical Inflatable Electrical Car

Luis Gustavo Lira
Solar Water Distiller
Mosquito Killer

Thomas Lockwood
A Retractable Door to Reduce Drag on Fixed Gear Aircraft

Aditya Logad

Kunal Lohar
Artificial Robotic Arm

Yasith Lokuge
Spiro - Space Saving Retractable Spiral Staircase
Navisys - An Automated Guided Wheelchair

David Lucas
Total Farm System

Erik Lucendo

James Lutz
Electric School Bus

Manikandan M
Copper Mineralizer +

Rahul M
Real Time Mobile Battery Charging System by Human Walking

Vivekanandan M
Chroma- Spray Painting Training Simulator

Manimaran M B
Integration of Nano Crystal Solar Cells with Rotor Blades and Tower of Wind Turbines

Harsha M L
Smart Solar and Electric Geyser

Rakendu M Nambiar
Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Double Wishbone Suspension System for a Hybrid Cycle

Fernando Machado
Duality - The Ultimate Off-road Racer

Marie Madsen
Epitech - Detecting Absence Seizures

Mohamed Magdy
Waiter Robot

Deepak Mahanwar
Exo Airbag Safety System

Desso Devi Maharajan

Seif Mahmoud
Energy Saving Air Conditioning Unit

Marcel Maier
Inductive Charged Notebook

Ankita Makhija
Voice Based Email System for Visually Impaired

Mohammed Saquib Malik
Sustainable Flat-pack Housing

Keith Man
Battery Maximizer

Harish Manek
Mobile Attachment

John Manjila

Gedalyahu Manor

Abdul Azim Manzur Ahmad

Robert Mapes
Robert Mapes 4G Controlled Drone

Riccardo Marchesi
Textile Temperature Sensor

Anik Mardia
Two Wheeler Safety

Alain Margescu
Adware Marking of Bakery Products - Bread

John Maris
Airfoil Performance Monitor (APM)

Sushmitha Mariyada
Hydrogen Vehicle

Volodymyr Maslov
Surface Plasmon Resonance - a Promising Method for Estimating the Quality of Motor Oil
Pulse Control Method of Miniature Solid-State Thermosensor

Paul Mason
Neutron/Electronics Sensor

Apurwa Masook
VSSUT Student Satellite

Dan Mathias
ATOM 1.0 Humanoid Robot Project

Aishwarya Mathur
Fog Pass and Unmanned Railway Crossing Alert System

Sandra Matos
Splice Replacer Connector
Small Berries Selector

Taras Matselyukh
Insight, Control and Rescue with OPTOSS

Edward Matula

Parikh Maulesh
Pendle Type Hacksaw and Drilling Machine

Rajat Kumar Maurya
Harnessing wind energy using vortex induced vibration (VIV)

Peter Mazanowski
Private Smartphone Links

Kirby Meacham
Fast Additive Metal Manufacturing
Hologram-like Light Field Displays
Ventricular Assist Device (VAD) Driveline Stress Reduction
Variable Compression Ratio (VCR) Connecting Rod

Lachlan Meadows
The Utility Barrow

Suman Medibonu
Self Healing Materials for Aircraft Applications

Alessandro Medici

Ildemaro Medina
Automatic Amplitude Regulator

Joshua Medling
Heavy Duty Aftermarket Super Truck

Alpesh Mehta
Algae Biodiesel: Green Fuel for Power Generation

Andrii Melnyk
JULLS (Joint Unified LED-light Set)

Ohorizons Team Members
Scalable Safe Drinking Water Access Made Easy for Families in Developing Countries

Akash Mendapara
Surrounding Noise Cancellation With Pre-defined Radius From Smart Phone

Prasad Menon
Jigsaw Plastic Bottle

Emmanouil Michellis
Magneto-formic Material

Jasper Middendorp
Reflow - Sustainable 3D print materials

Kimberly Middleton
Electroactive Material for Wound Healing
Integrated Multi-Color Light Emitting Device Made With Hybrid Crystal Structure
Electric Field Imaging System
Hydrophobic Epoxy Coating for Insect Adhesion Mitigation

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Reactionless Space Propulsion System

Ionel Mihailescu
High Performance Continuous Internal Combustion Engine

Rodrigo Minghini
Smart Training Glove

Jiban Jyoti Mistry
Spark Ignition Internal Combustion Engine without “Constant-Volume Cycle” Barrier

John Mitchell
Recycling Technology for Colored Products
Rubber Motor to Power E-Trike for Hill Climbing
Retrofitting BERP Rotors to Improve Efficiency of Older Helicopters
The Dynamic Exercise & Mobility Machine
A Proposal to Reduce Pollution and Gridlock in Cities

David Moffat
The Direct Contact Condensation Motor

Jagadish Kumar Mogaraju
Closed Marine Energy Battery Technology

Behrang Mohajer
Sustainable Packaging of Water Bottles Instead of the Common Plastic Shrink Wrap

Abaray Mohamed
Using Mud to Prevent Forest Fire Spreading

Alireza Mohammadi
Intra-abdominal Surgical Robot

Parmiss Mojir Shaibani
Innovative Electrical Plasma Water Treatment Technology For Elimination of Emerging Contaminants
Portable Rapid Sensor for Detection of E. Coli in Water

Nestor Molfino
Reducing COPD Exacerbations

Aron Molnar
New High Accuracy Tilt Sensor

Mohamed Moner
New Crimping Technique

Amit Morarka
An Ultra Low Cost Heater

Xavier Morin
All Electrical Jet Engines - Turboarcjet

George Moschkau
Next Generation Exercising Machines & Techniques

Radu Motisan
City Air Quality Monitor

Valentina Motta

Amit Mourya
Gear Chuck Cutter

Michelle Moyer

Lakshman Rao Muppa
Paddy Weeder for Random Sowing of Paddy

Navaneeth Murali
Landing Distance Minimization to Prevent Overrun Accidents Using Field Theory

Aliyu Mustapha
Development of Automobile Lighting System Fault Finding, Testing, Diagnosis and Rectification System

Venkatesh Muthu
Green Ranger

Christian Mwijage
Transforming Waste into Building Materials

Natalia Mykhaylova

Jaganath N
Emergency Healthcare Network

Musab Nahar
Owwli Gadget

Sri Lakshmi Bhavani Nandamuri
Plant Stent

Francis Nardella
A New Geared Aviation Diesel Design: Power Transmission through the Camshaft or a Dedicated Internal Driveshaft

Michael Nasab
Portable ECG Monitor with Stethoscope Auscultatory Sound Capturing Capability

Arslan Naseer

Shreyasvi Natraj
AR/VR Based Robot for Intuitive Exploration
Context Acquired Details Sensing in Indoor Environment (CASIE)

Jan Naude
RADIALcvt (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Prem Navaash C
Design Fabrication and Testing of Solid Propellant Micro Rocket

Venkatesh Nawre
Road Cleaners

Aayushi Nayak
IoT Based Smart Bus Shelter

Roderick Newstrom
Hybrid Miller Cycle Rotary HCCI Engine for RQ-7 Class Drones

Rowena Ng

Eric Nichols
A Unique HF Receiving Antenna

Riyaz Chenkara Nitin Unnithan
Portable Seating Arrangement

Engr. Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu
SaferEx - Multi-action Water Purifier

Maxwell Nyatsambo
Ailtrine (Super Toilet)

Arnold Nyendwa
Energy Rural Development

Pam Oakes
Gas Cap Grip

Jones Obenobe
Wonder Glove

Simon Olanipekun

Wieslaw Oledzki
Spherical Two Stroke Engine
Progressive Rate Steel Vehicle Suspension

William Olivadoti

Mele Orendorf
Water: The Next Fuel

Sergey Orlov

Albert Ortega
Removal of Oil Sheen from Oil Spill Sites

Merve Ozkan
Tunable Bioplatforms for Electronic and Photonic Applications

Sevvel P
Wind Amplifier
Fabrication of Modernized Wheelchair With Height Adjustment Mechanism for Physically Challenged
Portable Hybrid Powered Intelligent Special Multiplex Prospect Machine
Fabrication of Fuel Monitoring Device for Automobiles

Greg Packer
Enviro Cooker

Jorge Pagano
Diesel Particulate Electrostatic Filter

Mainak Pakira

Sovan Panda
Smart Seat Belt

Abhishek Pandit
Active Anti Tire Burst System

Suyash Pandya
Flapping Wing Aircraft as Surveillance Drones

Ilias Papadopoulos
iGUARD Autonomous Drone

Shailesh Parkhe
Hoisting Device Combined With the Hydraulic Dump System of the Pick-up Bed of Pick-up

Sonu Paroche
Electric Solar Car with Rear and Front Steering Drive

Shravan Patankar

Bhavin Patel
Retractable Solar Tricycle

Dax Patel
Solar Energy for Multi Use
Bullet Proof Kevlar Sheet and Non Newtonian Fluid

Meet Patel
Variable Valve Lift Mechanism

Zenith Patel

Faizan Pathan
Ejector Based Solar Air-conditioning

Abhijeet Patil
Augmented Reality View

Nikhil Patil
A New Low Cost, Efficient, Self-Driving Personal Rapid Transit System

Prashant Patil

Nikolai Patrushev
Scanomilk - Mobile Analyzer of Milk Quality

Dona Paul
IOT Based Smart Wheelchair

Edyson Pavilcu
IVT Infinitely Variable Ratio Gearbox With Neutral Using Only Sprockets Toothed Gears

Joshua Pazvakawambwa
Design & Prototype of a Wi-Fi Tracking Device

Jonathan Penrod

Philip Perera
Star to Star Communication System

Johnnie Perkins
Heads-Down Display for Smartphones
Warship Perimeter Protection

Walt Perko
RoboGuts STEAM Education Program
RoboGuts™ S.T.E.A.M. Education Program

Andreas Pfahnl
Cardiac Rhythm Management with an Atraumatically Anchored, Multichamber Epicardial Lead

Dennis Pfister
KwikCoil, A Completely Unique Cable Management Device

Fred Pfost

Huong Pham
Police Car Pursuing
Cockroach Traps
Stop Wildfires
The Longest Turbine Rolling Fans

Wayne Pickette
Lightweight, Belt Mountable Oxygen Therapy Machine

Jeffrey Plott
Arterial Everter

Matthew Poirier
Vape Detector Prevents Drug Usage Among Minors

Larry Pope
Back To The Future (of Aviation) Again

Ilyas Potamitis
Insect Surveillance at Global Scales and the IoT

Akash Pradeesh
Behavioral Enhanced Encryption

Anil Pradhan
Daylight Optimizer for Buildings

Angel Priscilla Praveena
Natural and Greener Sorbents in Oilspill Removal in Ocean

George Profitiliotis
Space Gravity Suit

Agrow Project

Thomas Pryor

Anurag Purwar
Mobility Assist: A Multifunctional Sit-to-Stand and Ambulation Therapy Device

Hariharan Pv
Zero-waste Zero-carbon Business-model (ZW-ZC-BM)

Ram Aravind R
Simple Atmospheric Water Generator

Rewanth R
Variable Tire Pressure for Braking System

K Siddique E Rabbani
Focused Impedance Method (FIM) for Lungs Ventilation and Other Measurements of the Human Body
‘LifeRoll’ for Safe Drinking Water in Low Resource Countries, in Disaster and Adventure Kits

Robert Raczki
Block Molding

Wasique Rahman
Automatic Glass Cleaning Machine

Govinda Raj
Fruit Plucking Tool

Nikhil Raj
Free Energy Harvesting Using Weight of the Vehicle Moving on the Road

Vipin Rajak
Future Multi Purpose Milk Van

Ranga Rajan

Suriya Rajendran
Automatic Brake Assist and Self Driving

Akash Rajput
Evaporative Water Cooler

Tyagi Ramakrishnan
Tobor Robotics Inc. - TIE Humanoid Platform

Kadiravan Ramalingam
Dynamic Pressure Sensor

Ram Kumar Ramaswamy
Vertical Axis Wind Turbine

Jc Ramirez
ADLEPC-1500 Mini Embedded PC

Brian Rampolla
Carbon Blocks for Atmospheric Carbon Sequestration

Rikesh Ramsurn
Hybrid Parabolic Trough Photovoltaic/Thermal System

Anshul Ranjan
SMART Vision Windshield

Shivani Rao
House Security by Giving You Alert

Wayne Rasanen
Green Powered Hyperloop, Efficent & Fast Transportation

Jai Hind Rathore
Futuristic Safe Injection System-2020

Ali Raza Ul Islam
Hydron - Hybrid Delivery Drone

A Mohan Reddy
Air Conditioner with Camera and Speakers

Raj Reddy

Krishna Reddy K
MediAdmin - Network for Medical Camps

Terry Reece
©MAKE-IT, TAKE-IT; The Football Game of LIFE

Ubaid Ur Rehman
EMF Induced By Magnetic Field to Run an Automobile

Joseph Resnick
Transdermal Drug Permeation of Micromolecules Containing CBD Using Micro-nanospheres in Solidified Reverse Micellar Gel

Jose Roberto Reyes Ayona

Douglas Richard
Synchronous Reluctance Machine

Joseph Riolo
Expeditionary Gun System (EGS)

John Rizzo
Oceanic Measurement

Ebenezer Roberts

Javier Rodriguez
Electromyography Suit

Arjun Rohilla
Magneto - The Space Cleaner

Keyur Rohit
Simple and Economic Multipurpose Solar Heater

Keyur Rohit
Dignified and Efficient Star Finder

Michael Rother
Yard Mule Yard and Garden Care

Robert Rowells
Throttling Loss Recovery Device

Manoj Roy

Priyanka Roy
Motion Based Message Conveyer With Patient Tracker App for Paralytic People

Aswin S
Electrically Operated Flywheel in IC Engine

Bharathkumar S
Energy Harvesting System through IC Engine

Praveen S
Calibrated Braking System Using Compressor Action With Deactivated Fuel And Ignition

Ramasubramanian S
Energy from Exhaust

Vigneshvaran S K

Eduardo Saavedra
Properties of Cairo Antidots and Their Transformation Into the Creation of New Ultra High Density Information Storage Devices

Ana Letícia Sabi

Youssef Sabry
Axle Torque Distribution Control for Enhancing Off-road Vehicles Performance

Rashmi Ranjan Sahoo
Fuel Quality Analyzer

Kambiz Salari
Radically New and Highly Aerodynamic LLNL Geometries for the Next-Generation of Heavy Vehicles

Mohamed Saleh
Extra Spotlights through Xenon or Laser Lamps with Optical Fiber and Nanotechnology Invention for all Vehicles

Marwan Sallouta
(24/7) From Solar Thermal-to-Electrical Energy

Oday Samad

Manoj Samant

Ranjith Samuel
Drones for Aerial Surveying and Mapping

Antonio Sanchez
A Sanchez Rotary Engine

Miguel Sanchez
Tactical Shooting Trainer

Uba Sani Kibiya
Shekarau LED Lamp

Vijaya Saravanan
Hybrid Mobile Charger for Natural Disaster

Pedro Sarmiento

Manojaya S Sarvadamana B
Drone for Agriculture

Marvin Sassler

Shailesh Sathe
Water Crisis - an Urban Solution

Tomonobu Sato
A Method for Nanoscale and Molecular Networking Exchange Transfer System

Saverio Scalzi
Modular Radial Compressor
Toilet/bidet System---High Tech Toilet

Leo Schraeder
Elephant Cow Tongue Car Wash (ECW)

Svetlana Sedlova
Variational Vessel

Vikash Sengar
Automatic Pneumatic Bumper for Four Wheelers

Rahulkanth Sh
Groundnut Decorticator and Separator

Sameer Shah
Nuclear Reactor Powered Aircraft with Water Generator and Advanced Energy Recovery Systems

Katiana Shahbahrami

Hiba Shahid
PhantomCor: A Dynamic, Multimodal, and Inexpensive Heart Phantom

Furqan Shaikh
THE H-ROV || Hybrid Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicle ||

Avinash Shaligram
Fan Speed Controller

Siva Shanmugam
Automatic Vehicle’s Turn Signal Based on the Steering Angle, Center of Gravity and Bike Stand Position

Dan Shannon
Manual Wheelchair Anti-topple Kickstand

Ronald Shapiro
Fuel-saving Visual Traffic Indicator

Chirag Sharma

Ishaan Sharma

Jitendra Kumar Sharma
Advanced Accident Detection System

Manoj Sharma
Chassis System That Reduces Hill Accidents

Rajiv Sharma
Cyclic Wind & Water Powered Turbine and Machine
Human Powered and Electric Powered Advanced Floor Wiper
Free Guided and Controlled Path Travel Futuristic Vehicles
Rotary Instrument To Measure Circular & Linear Motion Parameters
Electromagnetic Propulsion Elevated Transportation System
Advanced & Enclosed Bed To Stop The Entrance of Mosquitoes And Insects

Ruby Sharma
Yielding Free Energy From Waste Heat in a Train Automated Fire Alarm

Varun Sharma
Easy Parking

Vedanshu Sharma

Vipul Sharma

Jack Sharman

Himadri Shastry
Haptic Touch Screen Technology that is Intuitive and Safer for Drivers

Kelly Shelts
Vehicular Hyperthermia Detection

Kelvin Shih
High Fidelity Audio Power Amplifier
Welding Without Expulsion

Hrishikesh Shinde
Active Suspension

Tara Shri

Swaroop Shridhar
Glo-Yo: a Yo-yo Powered Torch

Josh Siegel

Sahil Sihol
Cooling Laptop Table from Scrap

Ray Simmons
Fire Fighting Drone Bucket Brigade

Ashi Singh
Pulsing of LED Lights with Music

Bharat Inder Singh
Life Save From Avalanche

Samriddhi Singh
Smart Vehicle Parking System by Implementation of Mobile Technology for Automization

Shakti Singh
Tree G-Map

Sourav Singh

Subhajit Sinha
Respirator -"SAVER Z03"

Dain Sires
Electric Off-Road Motorcycle Conversion Kit

Barry Siroka
EB-135 - NASA Approved, Medical/Optical Adhesive

Mykola Skalyga
The Internal Combustion Steam Engine Cycle Concept

Adam Slade
Tire Failure Early Warning System

Karl Smarsch
Air Taxi

David B Smith

Scott Smith
Pillar Technologies Construction Site Monitoring System

Steve Smith

Andrew Snytsheuvel
Spartan Superway

Danut Sobol
Flying Apparatus With Flexible Shell and Coanda-effect

Utsav Solanki
RFID Tracker for Street Vehicles

Ted Solomon
Flyalot Droneaid

Karen Sorber
MicroEVAP(TM) Water Purification System

Shanmuga Sowndar
DRIFT- Detachable Reserve In Fuel Tank

Kingslee Spurling
Perpetual HHO Transfusion Engine
Pulsed DC Magnetic Engine with Anti-Gravity

Aashin Sravan
Electromagnetic Repulsion Motor

Venkatesh Sreenivasan
Safe Low-Cost Unmanned Railway Crossings

Vinod Sridhar
Mars Electromagnetic Radiation Shielding

Ravi Sridharan
Smart Vault

Tad Staniszewski
Single Sleeve Mounting Pulleys, Gears, Sprockets on Keyless Shaft

Steve Stark
AH-HA TRIVIA - Animated Trivia

Panagiotis Stefanides
A Polyhedral Heliotrope on a 270 Deg Solar Locating and Tracking System
Polyhedroheliotrope Satellite Optical Tracking

Brad Stewart
AeroSynth Electric Wind Instrument

Brandon Stille
SuperCommuter Transportation System

Leo Stocco
Orbitless Drive

Gregg Stockman
Self-Healing Alternator Control

Arun Subramanian
AQUA MIST - The Affordable 97% Water Saver

Deepak Anand Subramanian
Variable Stiffness Automotive Leaf Spring Suspension

Barenten Suciu
Wave-Powered Electrical Generator of Novel Design

Aadhithya Sujith
Self Cleaning Planes
Smokeless Gas Cylinder Stove With Wood Drier

Bob Sunman
Stable Walking Aid for MS Sufferers
Grip Assisting Tool for Arthritis Sufferers

Mark Supal
Hydro Belt For Emergency Flotation

Emmadi Suresh Babu
Fixtures for Fabricating Structural Members

Sravani Sushruta

John Sweetwood
Square Ball Universal Joint

Aron Szucs
Diamond Based Winding Insulation for Electrical Machines

Luisa Veronica Talamas

Mayank Talwar
MEDDIAR-A Medical Diary

Ronald Tamol
A New Mode of IC Engine Combustion Can Achieve Near Ideal Combustion

Riccardo Tarelli
FES - 75kW Cheapest New Autonomous Energy Generator for Groups of Homes

Jonathan Taub

Prudhvi Teja

Wei Wei Teow
Gyro-Watt: Vertical Wind Energy Configuration for Low Velocity Regime

Cesar Terrazas
Improving Efficiency of Solar Cells at the Small Scale

Jing Yuen Tey
Development of Multi-Material 3D Printer Using Fused Deposition Modeling

Jekan Thangavelautham
Space Exploration for All Using FemtoSats

Srinath Thapa
Economically Feasible Home Security System

Ganesha Thayaparan
Innovative, Custom Patient Specific Solutions for Instrumented Spine Surgery

Allen Thiel
Ram Jet Liquid Oxygen/Fuel - Emulsion

Joseph Thomas
Hybrid Bikes That Run on Petrol and Electric Power

Sonu Thomas

Tesia Thomas
Zipr Shift Klōs® - Low Tech, High Impact

Gregory Thompson
Transportation Refrigeration Unit Sensor Track & Predictor

Duncan Thomson

Souhir Tounsi
Modelling and Control of Three Phase Switching Motor Dedicated to Electric Cars
Asymetrical Power Converter for Electric Drive
Optimal Electric Vehicle Design Tool
Design and Optimization of Renewable Energy Structure
Robust Control of an Innovated Structure of Elevator

Gary Townley
SOLLUX Composite Repair System

Myron Trenne
Charge Sharing Electric Vehicle Architecture

Anthony Trent
Quick Look Safety Drone

Viktor Troitskiy

Mike Trost
Four Cylinder IC Engine with NO Crankshaft

Arda Tuysuz
Ultra-High-Speed Magnetically Levitated Reaction Wheels for Small Satellites

Rohith Tvn
Segway With Handle for Balancing and Use of Solar Energy and Electricity for Battery Charging

Jean Pierre Twagirayezu
Fuel Less Automobile Engine Design

Adrian Tymes

Eric Ubelhor
Gravity Feed Pellet Fireplace Insert
Guardian 2000

Muhammad Azeem Uddin
Self Powered Nebulizer

Pranesh Udhayakumar
Corrosion Reduction in Cooling System

Rohit Ugale
Connected Vehicles by Using IOT

Sergey Ulanov
Virtual Conscience

Mohd Usama
Advanced Tire Pressure Control System

Jai V
Intelligent Solar operated Drainage Channels & Water Bodies Cleaning Device

Marco Vailati
Flexible Eco-friendly Joints for Earthquake Resistant Buildings

Mayank Vaishnav
Advanced Rack and Pinion

Rahul Vaishnav
E-maintenance System

Dmytro Vakulenko
New Approach in Diagnostics, Monitoring of Cardio-vascular System by Blood Pressure Monitor

Markus Van Wyk
Smart Speed Bump

Jibin Varghese

Gustavo Vasconez
Electromagnetic Train Impulsed by Linear Reluctance Engine “VASMAG”

Sachin Vats
Detect and Direct

Arlissa Vaughn
SWaP-Optimized 3U VPX Power Supply

Daniel Vea Falguera
SMACTRA- SMart city ACtivity and TRaffic Acquisition system

Victor Velez
Tide (E) Generation

Vijayakumar Velusamy
Electric Vehicle as Emergency Power Source

Sandeep Vempati
Open Source Retinal Camera (Open Indirect Ophthalmoscope)

Ashish Verma

Ashish Verma
Conductive Adhesive

G Hari Vignesh

Diego Villasenor
H Powered Flying Car

Dieff Vital
Dielectric Cell

Roberto Vitolo
ATPC - Active Tire Pressure Control

Jos Volkers
Bioremediating Missile

Horst Von Lengeling
Sport Stadium Mobile Kiosk

Leo Vuyk
Reaction Less Space Propulsion, by Dual Magnetic String Physics of the Anti-Maxwell Magnetic Dip Around a Wire
3x Reactionless Propulsion Systems

Aleksandr Vyshniakov
Standardization of Batteries, All Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles

Herbert Waggener
Wheelramps - Upgrades for Manual Wheelchairs

Sachin Wagle
Design and Optimization of Cooling System for Tracked Vehicle Powerpack

Harry Wainwright
Smart Purse Opti-Coupler

Brian Ward
Digital MEMS Inclinometer with Full Temperature Compensation

Andrew Webb
Bullet Proof Vest Cooler

Graham Webber
Photovoltaic Energy Calculator
KORC (Keep Out of Reach of Children)

Fred Rainer Weber
Affordable Airplanes for GA

Laila Weil
"Save Oil" Heavy-duty Bypass Filter for Lubrication or Hydraulic Oil Systems

Michael Weimer
Non-lethal Ultra Bright Ultra Loud Sphere "Screaming Sphere"

James Welky

Don Wilkins
Hermes Optical Protection System (HOPS)

Wallace Willard
IoT Caregiver Assistant
Peripheral Neuropathy Diagnostic Aid

Len Williams
Every Drop Counts

David Wilson
The AgRover: A Multipurpose Agricultural Vehicle for Africa

Roger F Wilson
High Helper

Elizabeth Wu
Kaleyedos Imaging Device: A Telemedicine Solution to Retinopathy of Prematurity

Stephen Wyman

Dhananjay Yadav
Autonomous Bicycle with Dual Mode of Locomotion for Last-Mile Transportation in an Advanced Urban Bicycle-Sharing System
Smart Bin

Renu Yadav
You're not Alone!

Shivam Yadav
Thermal Energy Storage Phase Change Materials-Baby Incubator
Design of Excavator Arm

Yan Yan

Hamed Yazdani Nezhad
Portable, Automated and Reliable Aerospace Composite Repair Facility

Raanan Yechezkel
Automatic Torque Limiter For Electric Screwdrivers

Carl Yee
Pollution-Free Paper (Self-erasing Ink Enables Reuse)

Fischer Young
Young Laser Thruster

Mahmoud Yousif
External Magnetic Field (ExMF) Electric Generator (ExMF-EG)
External Magnetic Field-Propulsion Systems (ExMF-PS)

Cheng Juei Yu
StreamAhead- Streaming Analytics System for Manufacturing Performance Monitoring and Predictive Adjustment

Konstantinos Zacharias
In-Vivo Embolic Detector (I-VED): Real Time, Online Detection of Bubbles in Humans

Aarif Zaidi
Mist Exhibit

Izzat Zainuddin
New Type of Brushless DC Motor For E Bike

Rifaul Zamzami
Tire Press

Vladimir Zenin
Engines with no Need for Fuel

Jack Zhang
Revolutionary Mobile Shield for Soldiers and Policemen in Front Lines

Xiuhai Zhang
Continuously Graded Phononic Crystals With Superior Sound Absorption Characteristics

Yuanping Zhao
Free-Piston Isolated-Scavenge for 2-Stroke Opposed-Piston Engine

Jingwei Zhu
Intelligent Heat Pump System Capable of Minimizing Energy Consumption and User Adjustment

Mohammad Ziauddin
Design and Build of an Atmospheric Water Generator for Developing Countries

Herb Zien
High-Performance Liquid-Cooled Edge System that Goes Anywhere – Even a Boiler Room