Entrants 2014

Actuator system for Hydraulic Powered Exoskeleton

Alnawazkhan A

Md Sameer Ajuvath A
Composite Leaf Spring for Improved Performance in Automobiles

Vignesh A
Alternative Cooling/Heating Technique Using Thermoelectrics And Desiccant Dehumidification

Bernhard Adams
Safe-driving discounts without privacy concerns

Richard Adams
Sparrowhawk Unmanned Aerial System

Abhay Adil
Piezoelectric plastic sheet system for rapid transit platforms

Abhishek Agarwal
Energy Harvesting Retractable Speed Bump

Ankit Agarwal
Brick Laying Mechanism

Ashutosh Kumar Agarwal
eStand 1

Nishant Agarwal
Tilting Trike
Semi Automatic Overflow Tank System (SOTS)

Puneet Aggarwal
The Bicycle Generator

Atul Aglawe

Mohit Agnihotri

Akshay Agrawal
Charge A Laptop Using A LAN cable

Kaustubh Agrawal

Jaime Aguilar
Sharing Bike

Omur Mustaq Ahamed
Intelligent Transport System

Ali Ahmad
Fellow in the Sky

Yunus Alapan
HemeChip for Early Diagnosis of Sickle Cell Disease

Ghassan Alasmar
No Horn, No noise any more

Yannick Almeras
Aix Sonic

Role Alvarez
Multistage Jet Engine

Mugil An

James Andersen
Cheap Unmanned Moon Exploration Rocket

Ken Anderson
Intermittent Fault Detection & Isolation System (IFDIS)

Mike Andic
Smart Plow

Patrick Andrews

Rohin Apte

Harry Archer
Rapid Forest Fire Extinguisher

Del Arney
Gas Turbine New Design

Steve Arnold
Continously Variable Displacement Engine

Jim Arter
Tomato cages

Naresh Arunagiri
Automated Lift System

Irfan Ashkar
extracting power from wind energy

Nishant Ashutosh
Automated Wireless Energy Meter

Haris Aslam
Water Bath Treatment of Exhaust gases in diesel engine

Dan Atlas
NOVAlert Watch Strap Driver Alertness Sustainer

Mohamed Awad
Astrological Sun Tracker

James Awrach
Cloud and Smartphone Security

Bonnie Aylor
3-D Holographic Microscope Projector with Robotics
Automobile Diagnostic Repair System with GIS Locator and Data Analytics Integration
Reverse Catalysis of Coal into Peat
LED Sensor Ships with Autonomous Flight
Holographic TV Projector with 3D Capabilities
Alcohol Dehydration Microbial Sulfur Fuel Cell Hybrid Engine
Catchwater Energy Savings System

Miguel Azevedo
Engine Health Monitor

Muthukumaran Azhagesan
Vehicle Door Protector

Shuhrat Azizov
Building Energy Efficiency Technologies of the Ginning machine

Pavani B
Regional solar power plants

K Vinodh Babu
Development Of Novel Computer Vision Based Air Jet Device For Critical Endodontic Applications

Devin Baillie
SHELA: A New Compact 10 MV S-Band Linear Accelerator

Paul Baker
Bolt-On Transmission Doubles Mileage

Rajesh Baldaniya
MobiCool Liquid cooling device

Hardeep Bali

Akshay Bansal

Shraddha Barawkar
Increasing COP of automobile AC system by using Energy Harvesting Suspension

Rupak Bardhan Roy
Dual Modality Imaging-Therapy Device for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound Guided Keratoplasty (HIFUK)

Austen Barnes
Efficient shallow water turbine

Chuck Barnow
Aircraft water or land crash locating device

Carlos Barrera
Novel Rotary-Turbo-InFlow Tech - Gearturbine Project

Christopher Barry
Salter-McCloskey Wave Energy Conversion System

Ed Barry
Aero MU

Felix Batista
D.R.I.A - Recognition Drone for Inaccessible Areas

Amy Baxter
Buzzy for Pain Relief

Carl Belnap
Long Range Wireless Power Transmission

William Benn
SunLight Harvester

Jim Beregi
Freedom Transit

Adam Berenty
fluid dynamic generator
auto tunnel

Aleksey Beresnev
Vibroacoustic Method of IC Engine Diagnostics

Max Beresnev
Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture

Tom Bevolo

Rahul Bhagat
Foldable Table

Jatin Bhandari
Electro-Mechanical Split Pad Disc Brakes Using Solenoid Valves

Uddhab Kumar Bharali
feeding machine

Ravi Kumar Bhargava
Telescopic Collapsible Shelter (TCS)

Vasant Bhide
Rotary Engine

Michael Bianco
Transit Ripening And Cooling System (TRACS)

Venugopal Bidi
Electro-Pneumatic Hybrid Vehicle (EPH)

Anand Bidre

William Birchard
Explosive Detector Machine

Abhiraj Bishnoi
Remotely Driven Vehicles

Robert Bishop
Using Quantum Self-Organizing Effects to Produce Advanced High Precision Manufacturing Primitives - Replicator

Jacob Bizehr
Turbine with jet cuts

Gregory Blackwell

Anatoly Blanovsky
Novel Applications of the Lorentz Theory

Shawn Boike
Energy From Space Systems

Michael Bonnette
Modular Liquid Heating Assembly

John Borland

Emily Briere
Time Capsule to Mars

David Briggs
A Squeeze Bottle Prevents Oxidation, Improves Dispensing and Displays Content

Natalya Brikner
Scalable electric propulsion

Danilo Bronzi

Fred Brown
Programmable Fan/Blower

Patrick Brown
Project LEON - Shoot Stuff Cheaply into Space

Ashley Bryant
Low-Altitude, Long-Distance Aerial Inspections

Michael Bucci
3D Vapor Chamber Heat Sink

Royce Buckingham
Soap Salvager

Denis Buffet
Quick dropping battery fully integrated into the vehicle

Florin Bujoaica
New Navigation and Moving Map System
Aircraft Interior Noise Reducer

Sarah Burrows
Hydroponics Refashioned For The Home

James Burton
A Device That Quantitates Medically Important Components In Patient Samples

Dorin Cadar
LiveSync Pointer

Antonio Calabro
Light Tube - Winning strategy against bacteria

Marc Carofano
Car preheater

David Carpenter
Supersonic Liquid Droplet Launcher

R Taggart Carpenter
Distributed RE Regulator

Arthur Carrieri
Thermal Luminescence Spectroscopy Chemical Imaging Sensor

Ronald Carson

Stefano Cassetti
Doublechair & Doubleseat MicrHotel

Daniel Castez
Ultralight Wind Turbine
Aerostatic Suspension System

Sirapob Catteeyothai

Roberto Cavazzoni
Electronic Active Filters for Telecommunications

Joe Cerri
Laundry Chute Basket

Deepak Chachra

Mayank Chak
Eye Controlled Mouse For Paralyzed Person

Ananaya Chakraborty
Incline Drive Assist

Indranil Chandra
WAND (Wound Analysis Device)

William Chapman
Wheeled Walker

Krishna Chaturvedi
Fire In Ice: Fuel for the Future

Devendrakumar Chauhan
GRVIMAGNO Powerplant

Viral Chauhan
solar stove

David Harold Chester
Understanding how our social system works

Amina Chidiac

Arunraju Chinnaraju
Design of an Dual driven Auto Rickshaw for physically Challenged Persons

Swetha Chinnusami
Tracking in living area

Gunapati Chiru

Sameer Cholayil
Perfect Stop Sign (PSS)

Sweta Choudhary
Dr Rho - Medical Telepresence Robot

Sushabhan, Rajesh,vivek Choudhury, Singh,kaundal
Wireless RF Modem based LED dynamic display system with RFID user Authentication

Vinay Chowdary
SMS Based Audio Video Playback, Security System

Raymond Christe
CalypSol Solar Trimaran

Marvin Christensen
Joint repair with minimal surgery

Chenkuei Chung
Low-voltage dielectrophoresis capillary-driven whole blood chip for point-of-care biomedical diagnostic application

Richard Chutter
World Cancer Cell Database

Nabil Ck
Innovative Concept of Hybrid Vehicle Propulsion

Roger Clemente
THERMAL STAR personal body cooling system

Shai Cohen
The Automotive Guided Dynamic Rollover Test Device
DSS Technology

Sean Connell

Eric Crews
"Active" generator for Electric Car
Pneumatic Electric Self Sustained Generator

Katelyn Currie
Ultra Fuel Efficient Vehicle

Jean Marc Cyr
The Future Of Power Electronics Control Mechanisms

Yohann D'oliveira
Windmill on Wheels: Axle –Generator Alternative and Sustainable Power Source

Sujay Dabade
Passive Exercising Setup For Diabetic Patients

Steven Daffer
Himalayan Salt-Air POD

David Daggett

Ryan Daniels
Smart Shield

Brian Darby

Nikhil Das
Harnessing the 'Landing Energy'

Pilato David

Ronald Davidson
Reduction of Wind/Air Energy Transferred to High Speed Trains

Roshan Davis

William Davis
BiModal Glideway

Fernando De La Pena Llaca
Space Launch Vehicle Using Magnetic Levitation and Antimatter Propulsion

Diego Delia
Flight Rest Guardian device
Anti SIDS medical device
Anti Drowsiness device

Stanley Demster
Micro-Strip Solar Panel

William Derbyshire
Urban-Regional Turbine Blade

Milind Deshmukh
Multiple Mode Control System For a Vehicle

Sadesh Devaki
1>8 Touch Screen
X Gadget
Women's Protection with External Camera Mobile

Dovette Devore
IntraVenous Medication Anti-Infection Device (IV MAID)

Nishant Dhanore
Modified air cooler using split cooling unit
Modification in two stroke engine for race bikes

Bal Mukund Dhar
Optics for solar panels at 1/3rd cost, higher efficiency and high scale

Paul Dieges
The Pusher

Daren Dillon
Vehicle monitoring/feedback system via Smart Bumps

Radovan Djukic
Economical emergency lighting

Sumit Dontulwar
Designing a device for controlling & monitoring of Bruxism disease

Joe Dorsey
Backseat Baby Alarm

Rudolph Draaisma
A life-Support system for manned bases on other planets
Atmospheric Heat Pump (AHP)

James Drew
solar bird scarer
Eye and focus tracking system

Carlos Duarte
3 Dimensional Spatial Projector
ECG Front-End Development Kit

Michael Dudley

Troy Dunn

Edward Durney
A Truly Electric Car

Chetan Dusane
Design and Fabrication of a Radio Controlled Surveillance Aircraft

Debbie Dykes
Onion Planting Autonomous Robot (OPAR)

Eric Eberly
Programmable Ultra Lightweight System Adaptable Radio

Herb Edwards
oil filter drain tool

Amir Ehsani Zonouz
3D Phone

Abinesh Ekambaram
Secondary Power Assist for Two Wheelers

Anna Epelbaum
EDU-book: An optimum Student educational tool.

Laszlo Erdosy
Dynamic Wall
Residential Green Roofs

Gerald Falbel
Free Lunch Solution To Climate Change

Farzad Fard
Breath Ease Pacifier

Daniel Farrow
Advanced Wound Monitoring and Feedback Device

Kevin Ferguson
Mobile Micro-Lab

Angel Fernandez

Pedro Flecha
Capillarity system to desalinize sea water
Copper nano/Micro filaments made easy

Dr. David Flinchbaugh
UroCycler Automatic Bladder Management System

Bruce Foggy
Gladiator Cargo Safety Nets

Arul Frances
Super Foot

Anthony Fresco
Solute Ion Linear Alignment Flash Distillation And Power Generation

David G
Personal Mobility for the Digital Generation

Joshua Samuel G
Conversion of Heat energy to Electrical energy using Heliostat Technology

Kamlesh Gadewal
Assembly of Tire Nuts Removal

Jean Pierre Gallo

Somnath Garai
A procedure of Extracting wind power using law of wind's blank fill-up
A method of generating electrical energy from wave energy using floating wave power system
floating embankment guard (barrage guard)

Sahil Garg
Flapping WIng Micro Air Vehicle Having Tendency of Gliding And Hovering

Udit Garg
System of Automated Electronic Hydraulic Braking

Ricardo Garza
Foldable Simmer

Kriti Gaurav
An Answer to Cancer

Giorgio Gaviraghi
Air furniture system

Francois Gibon
Universal shortcut for emergency phone numbers

James Gibson
Method for enhancing Cooling of solar Cells

Harold Goldbaum
A powerful electricity generator whose functioning depends solely on electromagnetic phenomena

Walter Goldstein
Using a chemical engineering science algorithm on a smart device to improve health

Guillermo Gonzalez
The Ecological Cone

Yuri Gordienko
Pharmaceutical Smart-Tagging for Interactive Personal Medical Care

Christopher Gosse
High Impact Temporary Housing

Roderich Graeff
Gravity Machine

Sorin Grama
Hybrid energy fruits and vegetables chiller

Haim Greenberg
HARBO Technologies

Phillip Greenberg
Basketball Statistics System

James Grondzik

Jose Gros Aymerich
Renewed Old concept for an STOL fuel-Efficient Airplane
Early Microcomputer Remake/Update
Basic concepts for a new approach to increase the power of a single person

Kavin Raja Gunasekharan
Cost effective Adaptive Suspension System
Sustainable Power generation from flowing river with the help of barrels or other waste products that can float

Jerry Gunn
Hypocast Cooling

Anil Gupta
Hemiplegia Neuromuscular Stimulation using unaffected side

Anil Gupta
mirror therapy for stroke rehabilitation through image processing

Ankur Gupta
Economical Automobile Immobilizer

Jayesh Gupta

Stephen Guptill
The Megasaurus Rex Star Harness
Allycat Search And Rescue
Jack Rabbit Personal Transportation

Joe Hackel

Nicole Hadley

Chandler Hadraba
The Reusable Bag You Remember

Jeff Haggard
Deep water tidal current electric generator

Asad Hameed
dsPIC based Engine Control Unit (ECU) powered by LabVIEW
Electronic Throttle Control System (ETCS)
Intelligent Fuel Trimmer (IFT) based on 18F1320 for EFI Engines

Jay Hamlin
Novel Invention for the Alleviation of Foot Pain and other Dibilitating Health Conditions

Il Song Han
Bio-inspired visual detection of pedestrian and cyclist for the enhanced safe driving

Barghav Hariharan
Phase Change materials for waste heat management

Curtis Harrell
The Beowulf Plateau v.1 (prototype)

Louise Hart
The Environmentally Neutral Powered Home Living System

Varuzhan Harutyunyan
Durable Gear Pump with Different Teeth
Walking wheel for off-road vehicles and trucks

David Haskins
Satellites Authorize a "Go" for Vertical Takeoffs
The VTOL Pulsed Turbine Transvector Jet Concept

Bruce Hawkins

David Hawkins
Nano-Probing applications in manufacturing inspection

Mark Hawthorne
Parker Remote Manager
GVM motor

Gregory Heinen
New Class of High L/D Multi-Rotor VTOL Aircraft

Ralph Heinzen
Smart Seals

Hans Peter Hemmer
Transmission Lestran Orbital IVT™

Gary Henthorne
Automotive pontoon

Rod Herdman
LockPuck™ Technology. Mechanically Smart Pin-code Locks

Warren L. Herron
Tri-comb High Strength Low Density Panels

Jim Hester
A Paradigm Shift for SMT Electronics: Micro-Coil Springs Interconnection For Ceramic and Plastic Grid Array Packaged Integrated Circuits

Daniel Hilburn
Rapp IT Up Security Sleeve for Cell Phones

Marc Hirsch
Medical Dressing Identification Label using Barcode Scanner Technology

Carla Holt
Allergen scanning probe for food

Ryan Holy
Displacing Diesel Consumption with High Altitude Wind Energy from the Altaeros Buoyant Airborne Turbine (BAT)

Wade Hoople
Left Turn Camera Visibility Enhancement

Ivan Horban
Garden Tool Rack

Abraham H Horstin
Rotary Evaporator Automation

Onnik Hovanesian
Human and Wind Powered Water Craft

A. Scott Howe
Freeform Additive Construction System (FACS)
Deep Space Habitat (DSH)

Florin Iftene
A Protection Method against Side-Attacks on Microsystems

Keita Ikeda
Non-Contact Oximeter

Muhammad Hasnain Ilyas
Paradise Homes

Angelo Indelicato-filho
Light for Life - Safety Improvement

Praveen J
Hover Board: A Multi Purpose Aerial Vehicle

Jim Jablonsky

James Jackson
Small Scale Solar LED Lighting

Gregory Jacob

Parth Jagani
Laser Based Manufacturing

Nakul Jain
An Air Conditioner = A Mini Power Plant
Automobile of the Future - Next Million Miles Free!

Rajiv Jain
Coke bottle cap for Refreshing Coke everytime

Sina Jalili
High G hydraulic Test

Michael James
Construction Site Layout Printer

Nasif Javed
Heli Concept
Cobbler's Workstation

Mohammed Javid
Team Taiyo Zen Electric Solar Vehicle

Carole Jeannon

Zdenek Jedlicka
Tube fence as source of heat

Mohammad Parsa Jelvehgaran
Sticker Generator

Winston Jesudas
Solar charging port for Electric car charging

Ravi Jha
Alternate and Safer replacement of wings in Formula type cars

Roy John A G
A New Paradigm for Ocean Energy Extraction
Snake Hand

Robert Johnson
Skybound 250

Teppo Jokinen
Filterless A/C System

Szabolcs Jonas
Surface Sampler Machine

James Jones

Sam Jones
Wonder Glove
Exam Table Paper Shredder

Al Joniec
Low Heat High Efficiency Engine

Robert Jorgensen

Derek Jouppi

Jassin Jouria
The OmniSign

Ram Charan Teja Juluri
Talking calculator

Boobalan K
Robotic arm

Naveen K
Warpo - Universal Gadget Holder

Tushar K Herle
Gas Inflated Bags Landing Technique

Shailesh Kadakia
An Aircraft Tracking System utilizing Radar Technology in Space

Gayan Kahandawa Appuhamillage
Screw Orientor

Bill Kahn
Walmart Advanced Vehicle Experience

Abhijit Kalbhor
Advanced Solar receiver design for concentrated solar power generation

Tanmay Kale
Luxury Reader

Donald J Kaleta
Fence Identification (Warning) Device

Mathan Kumar Kaliappan
Design Modification Analysis And Fabrication Of A Vehicle To Overcome Upright Bouyancy Effect

Jatindra Nath Kalita
Iron Filing Extractor
Equipment for Iron Filing estimation in tea

Mostafa Kamar
Fill the hole in the ozone layer

Harvey Kaplan
Nuclear Fission Concrete Containment-building Emergency Steam Condensation And Decompression Device, With Robot-exchangeable, Lead-shielded, Radioactive Particulate Filtration Cannisters
Expansible Plastic Barrier For Sequestration Of Chemically, Biologically And Radioactively Hazardous Liquids
Simultaneous Multi-Sheet Thermo-Plastic-Impregnated-Super-Fabric Weaving Loom

Shubham Kapoor
Intelligent Speed Control System

Rishabh Kapur
Relief Vehicles

Vignnesh Babu Karthik
Controlled Nebulizer For Safe Nebulization

S R Karthik Raja
Fault Analyzer
Bluetooth Enabled Flash Drives

Panagiotis Katsoudas
Maritime UAV/UAS automated collision avoidance system (MACAS-UAS) for emergency conditions
Personal Multi-function Astronaut Laser device (PMAL)
Emergency Remote Auto-Land Order for Very Large Civil Aviation Airplanes (ERALO-CA)

Ravi Katukam

Steven Kaufman
Quikiks -The First Totally Hands-Free Supportive Footwear

Satya Kaul
Regenerative (Magnetic) Braking

Max Kaulbach
Kinetic Intelligent Transportable Energy (KITE)

Michael Keller
Hybrid-Nuclear Sustainable Energy

Larry Kelley
New method of Si photovoltaic manufacture

Michael Kennedy

Shahzadeh Khaligh

Manu Khandelwal
Hybrid Trike

Nanda Khaorapapong
Wearable Icebreaker System

Ben Zion Khayut
Modeling of Intelligent Systems Thinking in Complex Adaptive Systems

Tony Khazen
ADCDS-1801 18-bit, 1.25 Megapixels/Second CCD Image Converter

Ambarish Kherde

Behrokh Khoshnevis
Robotic Building Construction by Contour Crafting

Muthomi Kiragu
Echo My key
Fire Suppression Missile

Kranthi Kiran
mondo spider robot

Herbie Kirn
KneeStim from Articulate Labs

Nikolai Kislov
Direct solar energy conversion to electricity by potentially low cost nanometer scale Metal-Insulator-Metal tunnel diode serving as a rectifier in rectenna arrays

John Klayer
Speleoholography Camera

Jeffrey Klein
A Fully Variable Valve in an Optimized 2-Stroke Diesel Engine

Marcos Kleinerman
Optical Sensors for far-infrared and submillimeter astronomy

Al Klesczewski
Continuous Use Rail Vehicle Ferry

Dardan Klimenta
A solar chimney power plant with a pyramidal shape

Dennis Kohlhafer
The OFact – a compliant linear electromagnetic actuator

Oleg Kolesnikov
Flying Autos for Solar Thermo Roads
Crystal Fibre Screens and Active Liquid Tissues
SkyChickenHouse, SkyPiggyHouse and SkyFishHouse

Sobhan Prem Sai Koppuravuri
Briquette Generation
Power Generation and Natural AirConditioning system through Tesla Turbine on Moving Vehicles

John Kotanides Jr
A System for Automatically Maintaining Pressure in a Commercial Truck Tire

Kevin Kozlowski
The OVAL Fire Extinguisher

Krzysztof Kozlowski
Educational CNC machine tools

Narongkorn Krajangsawasdi
Morphor WTB (Wind Turbine Blade)
TOR Jet (Takeoff Ramjet)

Steve Kreckman
QVLA light-based position sensing

Gopi Krishnan
Forklift Accident Prevention

Wesley Krueger
Mechanical System and Method for the Prevention and Control of Motion Sickness, Motion-Induced Vision Sickness, and Other Variants of Spatial Disorientation

Milan Krupa
The Simplest, Most Efficient, Low Cost Engine
Inductionless Technology for Huge Energy & Environmental Savings

Nageswara Rao Kudithi
Low Cost GSM Based Solar Power Auto Irrigation System

Valentin Kulikov
StreetStick, safer roads for everyone

Girish Kulkarni
Life saving Robot

Rakesh Kulkarni
No combustion engine

Ankit Kumar
Z.E.R.O (Zero Energy Re Emitting Object )

Ashwin Kumar
Mechanised Mud tumbler Maker

B Prashanth Kumar
Dynamo High-Tech Highways

Ganesh Kumar
Increased Mileage in all cars using a simple yet sophisticated mechanism

Manmohan Kumar
Pith Pack
E Anti Sleep Alarm
E Roll Iron

Praveen Kumar
Smart Dish

Sumit Kumar
mEch ur City

V L Prabhash Kumar
Smart Wheelchair

Ranjit Kumar Das
Tea Harvester

Deepak Kumaran
V4 engine carburetor venturi

Donald Labriola
Mosolver = Motor + Resolver

Christopher Lafarge

Nikola Lakic
Adjustable Comfort Insoles - INFLASOLE

Muppa Lakshman Rao
Poor Man's Air Conditioning

Deepak Lamba
Bicycle Stand-Cum-Lock Mechanism

Alex Langensiepen
How to 3D print a Sun
(USF) Ultra Small Footprint Vehicle

Ellen Langsetmo
prewired chip carrier MMIC module package

Bharath Lava Kumar
Design Of Automatic Rainfall Control Wiper

Akintunde M Lawal
Creation of e-lab.gov.usa and e-diagnostics.gov.usa website
New Crankshaft Substitute: Sinuous Crown Gears

Carl Lawrence
Human/electric-hybrid powered flying bicycle

Huisung Lee
EggRan - Egg Shaped Mobility

Llewellyn Lee
Gravity based energy storage

Peter Lefferson P.e.
Healing Bandage
New Money Card that Works Like Cash
Rear Vision Glasses

Jeff Leismer
VibeTech One: Rehabilitation Machine for Exercising the Immobile

Mike Levenson

Josiah Leverich
Strike Finder Camera Triggers

Henry Levy
Flying, Floating, Amphibious Quad Copter Helium Filled Hovercraft
Color Shifting Energy Conservation Houses
Laser Attack Missile
First Location GPS Emergency Locater Transmitter Buoy For Planes
Thought Controlled Brain Machine Interface to the Internet and Virtual Reality Audio Visual Headsets
Self-Replicating Robot Factory
Multi Reservoir Airbrush Living Tissue 3D Stem Cell Painter/Injector

Luis Gustavo Lira
Low Cost Portable Water Pump with Filter
A Green Self Cleaning Plumbing Drain System

Grigori Lishanski
A New Generation of Vibratory Diaphragm Pump - Sprayer
A Vibratory Adapter for Electric Paint Spray Gun
A New Generation of Hydraulic Vibratory Pumps
Floating Vibratory Utility Pump

Robert Lloyd
Hydro-mechanical Vehicle Transmission

Gopal Lohar

Swapnil Lohar
Laser ignition for IC engines

Michael Longo
United States Rain Force

Jesus Lopez

Eric Lowery

Yong Lu
Steam Assisted Co-Cycle Internal Combustion Engine

George Lucey Jr.
Shakey Eyes

Larry Lueder
Flying drone aircraft carrier

Louis Luedtke
Hearing Assistance Device To Assist Individuals With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Bruce Lund
Lund Variable Velocity Weapon System

Carl Lundgren
Power Grid Transformer Protection From Solar Mass Ejections

Arun M
Fano Duster

Venkatesh M
Dual function speed breaker

Milind Mahajan
Maglev car

Inamai Maile
MDDS Micro Drug Delivery System (pill)

Boris Maitre
Passive Refriegerated Vest

Aarjav Malhotra
Road Repair Machine

Robin Malik
Multi tasking Helmet

Douglas Mallette
Smart Aquaponic Greenhouse

Gerald Manfredi
Portable Tracking Solar Generator

Prasanna Marimuthu

Rainer Mascarenhas
AIr hybrid Vehicle ( Increased overall efficiency)

Volodymyr Maslov
Innovative method for express testing the motor oils and motor’s wear
Innovative design of solar panels

Suraj Mastan
Effective Engine Radiator

Thasshwin Mathanlal
Semi-Automation of Autocollimator
Automatic Laptop Charge Power Saver

Abhinav Mathur
Self Healing Composite

John Mays
Advanced Power Bullet

Dan Mccaulley
Liquified Highway

Deborah D Mccullough
New Umbrella

Matthew Mccullough

Mark Mcdaniel
Wireless Bluetooth Pressure Transducer

Thomas Mcgough

Robert Mcneill
diesel electric hybrid

Blake Mcnelis
Adaptive Medical Bed

Travis Mcqueen
Collaborative Group Research for Electric Flight Propulsion

Patrick Mcswain
Downed Aircraft Locator

Juan Medrano
Mousey, the new mouse

Tabio Melo
Water in the Desert

Gilbert Mesec
Vertical Lift Aircraft Rotor Fault Detection

James Meyer
Venturi Induction for Internal Combustion Engines
flare reduction in emissions recovery from crude oil shale drilling

Robert Meyers
Life Light

Megan Milano
Prong Pocketplug

Dennis Miles
Save Lives in House Fires

Wendell Miller
Emergency Pipeline Shut-down
Reduction of Parasitic Engine Power Loss

Sidhant Mishra

Pradeep Kumar Misra
Solar Refrigerator

Shailendra Kumar Mistry
Molten Salt Solar Water Purifier

John Mitchell
Remediation of Arctic Melting to Help Correct Global Warming
Proposed Battery Recycling Methodology
Neighbourhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) Development
An Advanced Ultimate ACV (Hovercraft)

Utsav Modi
Hybrid Moped

Nkosana Modise
Smart Cube

Bahman Mohammadhoseini
Shielded Space Wall Defense System (SSWDS) & Laser Raining Defense System (LRDS)

Madan Mohan
solwedISH - A Low Specific-Cost Solar Parabolic Dish Concentrator System

Meera Mohan
Advanced fire fighting system
Advanced fire fighting system

Somshekhar Mohanty
SAROPAN- Satellite Artificial Robot for Object Positioning and Navigation
Zero consumption zero discharge techno-Green edifice

Mohammad Iman Mokhlespour Esfahani
Design, Analysis And Manufacturing A Double Wishbone Suspension System With Variable Camber Angle By Pneumatics Mechanism

Mohamed Moner

John Monteith
GPX2 Time to Digital Converter

Kevin Moore, Mba, Lssbb, Pe
Small Scale Methane Generation
StarPlace: Use Google Glass/HUD Technology to Aid the Visually or Hearing Impaired

Artur Moradewicz
3-Terminal Bidirectional High Power Medium Voltage Multilevel Converter

Avinash More
Application of piezoelectric material on railway platform, temples, runways, and roads to generate electricity

Allen Morey
The Lazy Belt

Kaz Moriya
"Glicopter" is always watching your car

Akihiro Moriyoshi
Construction of dreamful maintenance-free pavement

Jay Morreale
Graphene Electromagnetic Emitter: A Terahertz Frequency Source

Steve Morris
Self Repairing Space Vehicle

Frederick Moxley
The Polariton Interferometer - a Novel Inertial Navigation System

Dahar Mujavar
Conductive Polymer use in Human Body

Suryanarayanan Murali
Fatigue mitigation in therapists

John Murphy
Building Sustainable Computer Labs For Schools In The Developing World

Lakshmanprasad Murugesan
Design of Staircase Climbing Mechanical System for a Wheelchair

Sankalp Musale
Brake Line Pressure Controller (BLPC)

Eric Myers
Container Lid Retaining System

Abhishek R Nair
The Spartans

Ashish Nair

Sudesh Nair
The Guidance Stick
The Sphere

Gustavo Najera
Gravity-Electric Hybrid Subway

Sri Lakshmi Bhavani Nandamuri
plant food controller

Pradeepa M Nandha Engineeering College
An Intelligent Wearable Military Coat For Withstanding The Cold And Wireless Alert System For Soldiers

Naveen R Nandha Engineering College
Accessibility Of Domestic Area Network Using Handheld Devices

Sabreesh S Nandha Engineering College
Low Power Wireless Sensor Network For Building Monitoring

T Pratip Kumaraa M B Arunraj Nandha Engineering College
Automatic Toll Gate System Using Advanced RFID And GSM Technology

Charles Napier
Vertical Axis Windmill

Saketh Sai Narayana
Automatic Ankle Adjustment For A Prosthetic Leg

Jan Naude
RotorCVT (Continuously Variable Transmission)

Franklin Neu
Computer Controlled Pogo Stick

Jack Nguyen
Distance Measuring Wheel - Innovative Improvements

Phuoc Nguyen

Bhuvanesh Nick
Reducing paper usage (save trees) by using electronic touch display

Koundinya Nidumolu
Project Airship

Shashank Nigam
Rescue N Relief Kit

Shashank Nigam
Low Cost Reaper

Francois Normandin
Ruppell Spacetrack

Albert Nunez
Hybrid Photovoltaic/Solar Thermal Heating & Cooling System

Engr. Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu
Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner

Sivakumar Obili

Wieslaw Oledzki
Oscillating engine
Internal Combustion Two-Stroke Engine

Arnie Omallao
Electrical Junction Box Wire Router
Password Enabled Electronic Lock (PEEL) with GSM Capability

Sachin Oommen
Digital Vehicle Identity
Horizontal Axis Helmet Wiper System

Renato Openiano
Embedded Vibrational and Motional Energy Absorbers for Increased Resistance to Tremor Damage on Concrete Structures
Aircraft Tracking System That Transmits GPS Location/Flight Data As Text Messages Every Two Seconds Using Existing Satellite Cellular Phone Systems

Juan Camilo Ortiz
Automatic Crane Truck Safety Device

Arturo Ortiz Tapia

German Osorio
New LED Traffic Lights

Paul Otto
Flight control system

Taslim Owonikoko

Jacek Paczkowski
Never Ending Memory

Himanshu Padia
Effect of Hydrogen Supplementation on 40% SVO-Diesel Blend on Performace, Combustion and Emission Characteristics of an IDI CI Engine

Carla Raineri Padilla
Vivex-Cel: Advanced Wound Care Device

Dipayan Pal
Flush Pro

Jerry Palacio

Krishna Kumar Palanisamy
design of automated catalyst coating applicator for electrode in PEM fuel cell

Poovendran Palanisamy
Automatic Glass Wall Cleaner

Sachin Palikundwar

Chetan Panchal
MUHD (Mono Unit Hybrid Drive)

Amit Pandey
Exploring The Use Of Multiphase Electro-Magnetic Engines

Prasad Pandit
Humanoid Robotic Wrist (WRC)

Ronald Pannekoek
desalination by means of cold deep sea water

Peter Panopoulos
Multi-Servo/Stepper Assisted Lighting Technology (S.A.L.T.)™ LED Systems

Ravi Paramanandam
Oscillating Engine

Dipul Patel
ecovent Systems - Make every room the right temperature

Harsh Patel
Six stroke engine with water injection

Krutarth Patel
Portable Low Cost Water Purifier

Mala Patel
Smart You

Parag Patil

Rahul S Patil
Innovative Gun-Port for Vehicles

Sushant Patkar
Automated Artillary

Suryanarayan Patnaik
Drive axle motor-generator for automobile use

Aniket Patre

Sudeendrakumar Pattar

John Pawloski
Marmalade Traction Drive

Buryl Payne
Detecting Emanations from Planets

Mark Peltier
Mass Trapping & Composting of Destructive Insects

Milen Penev
Transformable and reverse transformable battery type AA in AAA and contrary
Land vehicle positioning system

Philip Perera
Photon Robots

Johnnie Perkins
Hydrophilic, Nano-Machined Rain Routing System to Prevent Debris Buildup in Rain Gutters

Aleksandr Petrusev
Solar Tracker with Acrylic Concentrator

Chaiyasit Phadetphai

Wayne Pickette
RFID base Gun Security System
TEOP: The last Battery you will buy for your vehicle!

Brian Pinzon
Galactic Gravitomagnetic Lumina Scope

Andrew Pollard
Vision-Enhanced Situational Awareness (VESA) system for general aviation

Truman Pollard
The Sparco Wheelchair Seat System

John Pollock

Anthony Ponirakis
Potentially Hazardous Asteroids Space Telescope (PHAST), a proposal for asteroid detection, tracking, and characterization

Michael Pont

Isaac Porras
Open Source Solarpad Kit Solar USB Charger

Siddharth Potbhare
GateKeeper: A Bluetooth Low Energy Proximity Lock for your Computer

Jim Potter
Baby In-Vehicle Monitor

Manoj Prabhakar
Futuristic Multi-Purpose Bed

Shreyas Prakash
ER Bolts

Amrender Pratap
Detachable Battery System On Electric Vehicle And Battery Exchange Stations

Tom Prescott
ZeeEye Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

Melvin Prueitt
More Efficient Multi-Stage OTEC Power Plants

Justin Carlo Punay
Next Generation UCAV

Gowtham R

Digvijay Raghunathan
Driver Alert and Alarm System

Karunya Raj
Heat Sensors For Spacecraft

Nikhil Raj
magnetic engine

Bala Raja

Sree Ram Raj Rajasekaran
Multi Nut Remover for Automobiles

Prashanth Rajendran

Gowtham Ram
REFWD - Clutch mechanism

Sarath Ramachandran
UNIT propulsion-An Indian Innovation (Unmanned Nuclear Inter-space Travel)

Vignesh Ramakrishnan
Leg Drive

Rajesh Ramesh
Voice Of Silent

Akshay Randad
Paanipuri Vending Machine

Priyank Rangparia
innovative mobile phone-aesthetically modified

Ravi Ranjan

Shashi Ranjan
Shock Absorber Test Rig

Anirudh Ravi

Gopi Ravichandran
Emergency Three Wheel Drive For Off Roadies

Subhesh Ravikumar
Wireless Breaking System by Automated Wireless Sensor

Shweta Rawat
Green Warrior

Tomasz Rawinski
High Power, Medium Voltage compensator of voltage sags and short time interruptions of voltage at power grid with an energy storage implemented as battery of high-voltage supercapacitors

John Rawlins
The Inverted Gas Turbine

Rikki Razdan
Automatic Eye Finder & Tracking System

Kannan Reddiar
pillion belt

Tharun Reddy
Hands-Free Bike

Kacey Redmond
USB ICPDigital Accelerometer

Saumya Kareem Reni
Mobile Phone Based Blood Image Analysis and Malaria Diagnosis

Tim Reppen
Fish Caller

Joseph Resnick
Methods And Apparatus for Mitigating Space Debris with Autonomous SDCM's
Naturally Supercavitated Platforms for Naval Applications
Field Trauma Wound Care Kit for K-9's ("FTK-9", Formulae, Method of Use and Manufacturing Method Thereof

Joseph Resnick
Field Trauma Wound Care Kit for K-9 (‘FTK-9’) (Poochie-Peds™ ), Formulae, Method of Use and Apparatus for Making Of Same

Don Riggs
Variably Oblique Wing-Body Delta (VOD) orbital and heavy-transport Aircraft Configuration

Amin Rigi
Pars rescue robot

Kumar Rishabh
Aerial Armour for Vehicles

Jack Roach
Super Swab

Paul Robinson
3D printer for making cylindrical metal parts

John Robitaille
Health Insurance for All

Serge Rocha Da Fonseca
LapTop Tray - Privacy & Endurance
Tethered UAV (TUAV)

Mark Rode
Adaptive Fairing with Tunneling

Claudia Cristina Rodrigues Hernandes
A Comprehensive Method For Computer Coronary Reconstructution And Physical Model 3D Printing

Goran Roglic
Ozone Gap Filler Device
Universal Spectrum Analyser Kit
Brainwave EEG Spectrum Analyser
Physical Therapy For Everybody Anywhere

Christian Rojas
Low Weight Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Ablative Composite Thermal Protection System

German Ronderos
Mechatronic Ortho-Screwdrill MSD 0611-D

Terry Ross
Multi-Platform, Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft

Michael Rother

Maximiliano Ruiz
Ixnamiki Rescue and Exploration Robot

Gokul S
Team Seyon - Jet Pack

Sankaralingam S
Hybrid "RMS" Trike For Physically Challenged People

Chander Saini
Knee USA

Rohit Saini
machine for "360 degree decoding of data matrix printed on bottles"

Gilles Saint Hilaire

Ramkumar Sakthivel
Safety Ignition System

Hrvoje Salinovic
Additive Modular Internal Engine System HEV-PHEV Concept

Ravi, Thangakumar, Sambath
An Intelligent Mobile Application For Zero Accident Safety Roadways Using Android
LIBSCAN – A Smart Library Stock Verification System
A G-G Enabled Audio Navigation Device for Visually Challenged People using Haptic Technology (G-GAN)

Alejandro Sanchez Valencia
Pure Water

Edward Sandoval
Buzz Lightyear Technologies Today
Star Ship Holodeck Technologies Today

Adharsh Santhanam
Click your way to healthcare!

Sameer Saran
Multi-Feature Cost-Effective Wireless Remote

Kezia Saraswati

Charles Sardina
Derk digital electronic receipt keeper

Aal Arif Sarkar
Oxygenated Fuel Assisted System for IC engine to Reduce Pollution

Darshan Sarojini
Compliant Bi-Modal Bi-Stability Applied to an Easy Chair

Ravishankar Sathyamurthy
Performance analysis of a inclined solar still with baffles for fresh water production
Experimental analysis of a semi circular trough solar still with baffles for enhancing fresh water production and hot water for other purposes

Ignacio Sauton
Old tensile test machine digitalization using existing hardware and software

Jacqueline Savage

Rishabh Saxena

Frank Schmitt
Configuration-Free Smart Lighting

Scott Schober
SentryHound Cell Phone Detection Security Portal

James Scott
Printable Actuator

Matthew Searle
Self-Inflating Tourniquet

Karl Sefcik
sonic boom eliminator

Tomooki Seki
Breaking of Energy conservation law at Thermo-magnetic engine known as Curie engine

Jared Semik
Archangel Electric Blended Wing Body Jet

Sourav Sen
Modified water coolers

Ashvani Shah
real time solar panel tracking system

Kewal Shah
DYNA-MIC: Advanced Surround Sound System

Siddharth Shah
Cutart Stencil Pen
Paper Shaper

Yash Shah
Generation of Electricity using Speed Breakers

Anshuman Sharma
Dual surface airfoil design

Sidharth Sharma
Advance Braking System

Julian Sharpe
Survival Capsule

Nilay Sheth
Pano Band : A Panorama on your Wrist

Suhas Shetty

Kaumud Shiral

Pithani Shiva Kumar
Permanent Magnetic Suspension

Kumar Shivang
Twin six stoke engine

Pallav Shrivastava
Run Your Car AC Without Fuel

Md Abdul Qadeer Siddiqui
Alternator Recharger

Josh Siegel
CarKnow - "Avacar" Virtual Vehicles

Michael Siegel
Emulsified Heavy Fuel Oil Reduces Consumption, Emission, and Maintenance Costs

Amit Singh
E-MDS (Eco Multi Drive System)

Amit Singh
Acetabular cup

Anoop Singh

Saurabh Singh
Intelligent Helmet

A Probin Singha
24-7 Concentrated Solar Energy Supply To The Solar Power Plant On Earth From Space
Life Saving Crash Survival Design

Alon Slapak
Radar sensor for obstacle detection

Hal Slater
Geothermal Water Heater

Robert Smith

Kyle Smitz

Kevin David Sobal Galan
Spy-Way & Smart Car Project

Cyril Soji
Engine Without Combustion Of Fossil Fuels

Steven Somes
Touch Robot force-compliant manipulator

Madasamy Sonaimuthu
Economic Wood Stove (Less Smoke, More Efficient) Differently Designed Models And Their Descriptions
Fuel Efficient Air Pressure Wood & Coal Stove
Portable Tour Health Chair
New Model Wind Water Pump
Micro Laser Solar With Nano Technology Rupees Note
Traveling Bag With Portable Luggage Trolly
Lighting Note Books And Note Pads -- Traveling Light Note Books

Jins Sony
multi directional tipper: Unloading on all three directions

Narasimhan Soundarrajan
Programmable Cleaner for Confined Space Ovens

Malla Srikanth
smart oscilloscope

Shreyas Srivatsa

Tad Staniszewski
A Unique Adapter For Mounting Ball Bearings

Gary Stark
PRT Project

Valentin Stavrev

Panagiotis Stefanides
"Argonaut Jason" A Proposed Wind and Renewables Machine Model

Barry Stewart
algae growth chamber

Richard Stieler
Apparatus and Method for Ergonomic Support of Human System Interaction

Allen Stull
Internal Compression Motor

George Sturmon
Air Management System for Heavy Duty Vehicles

Sankha Subhra
An Indigenous Design of Swirl Flame LPG Commercial Cooking Burner

Harisubramanyabalaji Subramani Palanisamy
Micro-Controller Based Quality Analysis Of Frying Oil

Krupakar Murali Subramanian
Multiversal Urinal Deodorizer - NODOR

Aadhithya Sujith
Automatic Dog Collar
I Bin

Ennis Sullivan
FasTran's Triad Support and Defined Center of Gravity

Sumit Suman
Air train

Sumit Suman
Lifting Space Capsule

Sumit Suman
The Security Bird

Deep Suresh
Next generation Power Station

Sidhu Suresh

Vyshak Sureshkumar
Reusing Space Shuttle External Tank

Vanitha Swamiappan

Vikram Aditya Swaminadhan
The Bumble Bee Approach to Flight

Addis Systems
The BROWZ*A/R (Rugged*IZ Edition) - Augmented Reality Helmet Controls
The BROWZ*A/R (Personal*IZ Edition) - Augmented Reality for Consumers
The BROWZ*A/R (Immune*IZ Edition)
The BROWZ*A/R (System*IZ Edition) - Business Augmented Reality
The BROWZ*A/R (Mechan*IZ) - Augmented Reality to Control Machines

Thomas Szasz
Design of an Ultra-Compact and Mobile Test Device for Tensile Testing of Additive Manufactured Plastic Parts under Varying Climatic Conditions

Balint Szent Miklosy
Instant Housing Assembled on Site
Tidal Sweep Inlet Cleaner
Falling Water with Filter

Joseph Szokody
Blumove Bluetooth Security Assistant with AES Encryption

Sudalaimuthu T
Intelligent Refueling System

Silvio Taboas
vinasse fertilizer

Alia Taliaferrow
Sustainable Generator Tiles to reduce Business Municipal Electricity costs

Tushhar Talwar
Slam With Markers For The Blind

Marvin Tan Xing Haw
Fission battery

Jing Tang
Active fine filter cleaner

Jonathan Taub
tethered UAV

Craig Teale Jones
The LazerPlug

Richard Teichgraeber
New Design for Enhanced Automobile Security

Derik Tesche
Windmill 2.0

Vishnu Thampy
Suppression of flow separation over wing surface

Ram Kumar Thanapal
Snow Combined Road Cycle

Thaimanavan Thangavel

Joseph Theckeveetil
ENV for Green Evaluation of new design

Vijayan Thirumalai
New asthma inhaler
Ecopot Garbage Garden

Sidhant Pravinkumar Thole
Magnezing Car

Nitin Mathew Thomas
AMPHI-BX : An Amphibious Two Wheeler

Sunil Baily Thomas
Hovercraft Based Sowing Device (HVSD)

Tinson Thomas
e-Aura: The Invisible Communication
Advanced Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Voice Controlled Adaptor Plug for Home Appliances

David Thompson
SAL Phone

Travis Thompson

Vanshdeep Tiwari
hand operated car mechanism for handicapped person

Violaine Todoroff

Thomas Tom
Green Cruzer

Jordan Towne
Electronic Valve Stem

Viktor Troitskiy

Christopher Tucker
Wireless Power Skin
Magnetic Energy Transfer Unit

Eric Ubelhor
Guardian 2000 Miniature Water Treatment Plant

Akshay Ulmek
Magnetic Pump-Gen

Mmekeme Umosen
Four Decker Plane

Kanpur Rani V
Caterpillar Robot - Bio Inspired Smart Search and Rescue Robot for Disaster Management

Ganesh V S
A solar solution to the energy crisis in developing countries

Ingo Valentin
Large Hydrostatic Wind Turbine
170 mpg Hydraulic Hybrid
Extreme Power Free-Piston Engine
270 kts. High Speed Helicopter

Dale Van Cor
Wave Threaded connections

Hans Van Geluk
New Mill Mac
New Milling Head Type

Arthur Van Houten
Sealable & Disposable Coffee Filter Pouch

Vishnu Varthan
Toxic Gas Sensing UAV

Chalasani Veerabhadra Rao
harvest mechanical advantage

Ashok Kumar Velusamy

Thiagarajan Venugopal
Solar Powered Vehicle for In campus transportation

Carlos Viegas
Omnidirectional Personal Transport

Hoang Vo
Hybrid Integrated Portable Power Pod (H.I.P.P.P.)

Chinmaydeep Vojjalashastry
e-SLATE : A cost effective learning tool

Lev Vozchikov
Fast ergonomic display

John Vukich

Mahesh Wagh
Gear Lever Mounted Clutch

Harry Wainwright
Thermochromic Pullover to View Skin Temperature Fluctuations to locate infections and tumors
Smart Phone Remote Control of Interior Surface Colors
Smart Phone Remote Control

Gary Waissi
WAISSI Engine - Simplest Internal Combustion Engine

Patrick Walker
Folding Dirt Bike

Douglas Walser
Upscale Outdoor Lounge Chair

Songhao Wang
An Intelligent Pressurized Metered Dose Inhaler
Solar Panel Chimney for House Ventilation

Xing Wang
GRMed: A Multibioparameter Method for Quantitatively Evaluating Individual’s Global Cardiovascular Disease Risk

Charles Warren
UroPal: Simple Urinary Catheterization Without The Mess!

Mark West
Eyes-On Glasses

Denny Wheeler
3000 Mile Capacitor Powered Electrical Vehicle

Mathew Whitney
Continuous Deposition Arc Foaming
Solar Dome

Larry Williams
Production of Nanoscale Pores & Slits for Applications Such as Filters, Masks, and Particle Counters

Gary Willman
Automobile Servere Weather Protection Device

Alastair Winn
Sterilizable Dual Syringe LSR Delivery System

Randall Witte
Unlimited Capacity, No Fuel, No Pollution Combined Heat and Power System

Andrew Wortman
Air Conditioning Enhancement By Aerodynamic Disks
Non-lethal Ring Vortex Generators For Disorientation And Dispersion Of Confrontational Individuals And Crowds
Civilian Alarm / Defense System Using Hartmann-Sprenger Acoustic Oscillators

Poitier Wright

Eni Xhaferaj
Fiber optics multiple modality illumination

Shifang Xu
3 In 1 Fresh Mini Tube Coffee

Nimish Yadav
Workstation for Cardio-thoracic Surgery

Vishnu Yadav
Fabrication of Refrigerator Using Heat Pipe Only

Yaode Yang
Novel Translating/Orbiting Rotor Compressor

Donald Yates
My pocket pet

Carl Yee

Kristeen Yee
Testing a Portable Emergency Ventilator

Colin Young
New Engine Technology – High Efficiencies - Low Emissions - Low Fuel Consumption

Dr. Michael Zach
NanoFab Lab … in a Box! ™

Joju Zacharias
Continous power stroke rotary engine

Andrew Zawisza
Big Squeezzer

Michael Zeldich
Sea Current Energy Extractor, Electrical Power generator

Jack Zhang
3 In 1 Laptop Cooling Pad Lap Desk & Sleeve

Wuliang (frank) Zhang
Low Cost Magnesium Alloy Sheets for Automobile Stamped Parts
A Novel Process for Extracting Magnesium: Membrane Electrodialysis at Room Temperature

Bernd Zimmermann
Liquid flow sensor with reverse flow detection capability