Entrants 2015

Meenachi A
Life Safer Driving System

Varaprasada Rao A
Self Oriented Flap Turbine

Mohammad Abazid
Optimized Piston Motion Engine

Alejandro Acevedo
Train Aerodynamic Brake System

Joseph Andrew Acquah
Using electric eels to generate power

Navaneetha Aerraranganolla
Robotic Exploration With Landmark Patterns

Nishant Agarwal
Semiautomatic Overflow Tank System

Kaustubh Agrawal

Vijayendra Agrawal
Nono-robots To Cure Illness At Cellular Level

Luca Agrippino
APS - Automatic Protection System

Estanislao Aguayo
Aligment of the Spine Tracker

Mahmoud Ahmad Sayed
Flying Wind Turbine

Shah Mir Aizaz
Eros Outer Atmosphere Settlement

Ghassan Alasmar
Auto Fire Fighting With Survival System

Hahna Alexander
SolePower Power-Generating Insoles

Shokhijakhon Alisherov

Sergei Aliukov
Adaptive Suspension of Vehicles with Wide Range of Control

Dwight Altman
Drought Flood Synergy Network

Manuel Altobano
Water, Water Everywhere

Boris Alvarez
Police VIN-GPS Car Control

Role Alvarez
Recycled Plastics from Garbage as Shield Against Radiation in Space

Christian Rodriguez Ambimetrics S.l.
Quality Control Sticker

Roozbeh Khodambashi, Amirebrahim Darabi
High Voltage Piezoelectric Power Plant
Piezoelectric Generator

Albin Andersson
Solution of the Problem of "Global Warming and Climate Change"

Petru Andrei

Steven Andrews
Split Venturi Ring Maglev Generator Turbine

Mahesh Annaboina
Smart Building

Rajashekar Reddy Annareddygari
Advanced Vehicle Security Tracking System

Guido Annoni

Avinash Arankalle

Thiru Arasu
Two Wheeler Safety

Ricardo Arteaga
Improving The Safety And Efficiency Of Unmanned Aerial Systems By Successfully Integrating ADS-B Into Communications And Control

Rishabh Aswal
Thrust Vectoring Using Twin Gimbal Rings

Abhinav Avs
Use of Aerodynamic lift to reduce fuel consumption of heavy vehicles

Vahid Azizi
Automatic Tube Corrugating Machine

Mark Babich

Boyan Bahnev
CoAxial Engine

Shubham Bajpai
Tracktech: A Technology That Makes Your Bag Follow You

Suresh Balakrishnan
Advanced Baby Care System (ABCS)

Rajesh Baldaniya

Dave Baluta

Mark Banister
Water Conserving, Agriculture Pollutant Scavenging HydraMat™ by EcosPure

James Barbour
Zero Maintenance Hydroponic Planter (patent pending)

Carlos Barcha
Regenerative electromagnetic braking system

Alejandro Barchine

Ronny Bargadda
A New Technology To Amplify The Power Of A Solar Panel By 200 Times While Simultaneously Storing The Energy In The Form Of Hydrogen

Joshua Barnard

Carlos Barrera
State of the Art Novel InFlow Tech Project Development 1) Gearturbine RotaryTurbo 2) Imploturbocompressor - One Moving Part

Fahim Baruah
Future Solar Train

Ivan Batinic
Large Scale Solar Sintering Of Sand

Amy Baxter
VibraCool Ache and Injury Relief

Geoffrey Beech
Baxter(TM) Wagon Steering System

Alyssa Belanio
Explorer: Binoculars That Encourage Learning Together

David Bell
Multi Purpose Camping Tool

Ujjwal Belwariar

Omar Benavides
Development of a Non-Surgical Circulatory Support Device for the Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure

Roy Bendickson
Poor man HVAC

Michael Berdan
Small Wind Technology

Jim Beregi
Nationwide Network for high-speed Autonomous Vehicles

Aleksey Beresnev
Vibroacoustic Method of IC Engine Diagnostics

Max Beresnev
Spark Ignited IC Engine Control Running on Alternative Fuel Mixture

Augusto Bertoni
Battery-free wireless system of localized measuring of water consumption

Douglass Bevel
CertAlert Medication Pendant

Prashant Bhalani
"Helium Way": An Energy & Cost Efficient, Safe Rope-way Of The Future

Saketh Ram Bhamidimarri
Self Charging Battery

Rohit Bhaskar
Biped Exoskeleton

Guruprasad Bhat
Future Energy

Sachin Bhat

Bhavin Bhayani
Replace That Plastic And Gasoline With Paper!

Saket Bhishikar
Design Of 4 Wheel Steering System

Jeeva Bhoopathy
Ultrasonic Haptic Vision System

Sangamesh Bhure
Child Restraint System For Growing Of Child

Carl Johan Bjoreman
White Star electric toothbrush

Anatoly Blanovsky
Sustainable Energy Application of the Lorentz Theory

Jesse Blenn
Cambria CR - The Electric Car To Change The World

Michelangelo Bondini
everyday motorcycles

Chuck Booten
Infrared LED Based Personal Heating System

Lila Boro
Solution To Overloading Vehicle

Alex Borzaga
"A Different Perspective," A Sustainable Fridge Door

Ricardo Bowlin
Continuously Variable Transmission with Hydraulic Energy Recovery

Mike Bradbury
Broadhead Bullet

Kenneth Bradshaw

Phil Brady
Ergo Gym

Olivier Brauen

Don Brewer
Digital Color Light Pen ... DCLP

Tom Brosz
Phoenix Single-Stage-to-Orbit Concept

Robert Brown Jr
Prescriptive Formulary UV Sensor-Based Indicator-Tester Protocols
Official Presidential Ride
C-APP Data Pad
Golf Etiquette Cup-Receptacle-Imbiber
Next Generation Special Transport & Theorems
National Defense-Security Electronics Power Center
Flight Safety Bank-Turn Abacus

Dan Brunermer
Personal Air Vehicle (The Real Flying Car)

Erik Buck
variable twist rotor blade

Denis Buffet
Pulsatile Series-Parallel Powertrain for Hybrid Vehicle
Series-parallel hybrid vehicle without torque disruption at mode shifting

Adam Bush
Wireless Damper HVAC Zoning System

Kala Butler
Electromagnetic Reciprocating Engine

Tim Butram

Vignesh C
Advanced Security In ATM Centres Using Face Recognition And Pattern Analysis

Sukeerth Calastawad
Self Chargeable Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV)

Fabrizio Canesi
Interlocking Of Drivers License & Vehicle Electronics For Safety

Riccardo Caramelli

Bob Carpenter
Bioship: The Freedom Machine

Debaditya Chakraborty
Bioplastics from Kanjivellam (Rice-Water)
Autonomous Highway Lighting System

Justin Chambers

Ravi Chandra Verma
Suction Pump as an Alternate For Car Seat Belt

Yuan Chang
Super-Resolution X-ray Imaging System

Antonio Chaparro
Fuel cell for portable hydrogen electricity

Christopher Charles
Design Of Circular Radiator

Krishna Chaturvedi
Jet Wind

Sushant Chauhan

Elias Chavez Monarrez
Solar Tile

Chia Ming Chen
LiFi Steerable Light

Kan Cheng
Gyro Stabilizer for Motorcycle
Induced Magnetic Clutch (IMC)
Multi-Purpose Desalination (MPD)

Yuriy Chernov
Tube For Paste

Harish Cherukuri

David Harold Chester
Mechanical Teaching Aid for Macroeconomics

Stefan Chew
PlaxiGUARD PC32 Flood Control Barrier

Stefan Chew
SpeedoMAX Electronically Control Height Adjustable Speed Bump & Entry Barrier System
Mobile Walk-In Bathtub for Aging Seniors Or People With Mobility Issues

Stefan Chew
KleenRite Portable Bath & Shower Device

Karanvir Singh Chhabra
Model for Transcontinental Robot-Assisted Remote Telesurgery
Energy Recovery From Fused Wind Turbines and Aviation
Emergency Injection For Use During Blocked Airways In Emergencies
Controlled Nuclear Pulse Propulsion Aircraft To Reduce Fossil Fuel Consumption

David Chin
Urometry Bluetooth Technology

Gunapati Chiru
Replaceable Car Bodies, Dual Sunroof

Sameer Cholayil
Firstwerable Thermoband - Thermometer sticker

Ajinkya Choudekar
Electromagnetic Engine

Georgios Christodoulakis

Michael Cikraji

Nabil Ck
Magnetic Repulsive Engine

Daniel Clapp
Self Driving Car For The Interstate Highways

Mike Cofini
See Through Fluid And Oil Filters

Donald W Collins Phd
ACADZ 3D STL Radiation Compensator Negative Plastic Mold Filter Conversion Software/Hardware - “Combined Package”

Jim Colthart
Lean, Green Machines

Sean Connell
Mate: Wall Hanging Chess Board

David Conrad

Miguel Contreras
Air Cooler

Lawrence Corban
Affordable Autonomous Aerial Logistics Network

Ryan Cottam
Next generation armour “plymetal” manufactured by metallic 3D printing

Kirk Creelman
Aerocat - Convertible Aircraft
Brewtube - Variable Volume Keg System

Jim Crowell

Senthilkumar Cu
Advancement In Safety System On Modern Cars

Robert Cucin Md Jd
BioSculpture Technology's Endoscopic Visceral Lipectomy Device

Isaias Da Silva
Wind-powered Heater

Ravindra Dandekar
Liquid Propane to replace 100LL for piston engine aircrafts

Kyle Daniels
High Performance Shutter Valve

Aleksander Danilian
Cloud Energy Collector

Abhijeet Das
Tube Squeezer

Hari Das
Total Actuation and Force Feedback on Robot Assisted Microsurgery

Jayshree Das
Electronic Narrator For Visually Impaired

Rajshehkar Dass
Momentum wheel

William Davis

Arjen De Jong

Ettore De Lellis
Sensorless Angle Of Attack Indicator

David Deak
Reciprocating Electromagnetic Energy Harvester

Ajoy Debbarma
Mini-Ground Coupled Heat Exchanger System

Hank Debey

Daniel Deeks
Entropy Driven Absolute Negative Pressure Systems for the Future of Electric Power

Diego Delia
Anti SIDS Medical Device

Marc Delpech
Wideband Metamaterial RF Absorber

Stanley Demster
HitchonPost Personal Transportation Device Hauler

Clark Denslow
Carbon Fiber Rivet Manufacturing & Use

Kathy Dezern
Tailored Dielectric Materials With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Fabrication of Fiber-Metal Laminates with Non-Autoclave Processes
Lunar Surface Manipulation System
Synthetic Vision System for Aeronautical Applications
SansEC Sensors

Himanshu Dhingra
Automatic Puncture Resist Kit for Vehicles

Vladimir Diaz
Design And Development Of Route Planner For Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)

Hans Diesing
Sustainability-, Energy-Efficiency- and Light-Quality-improved Retrofit Solid State Lighting Ecosystem

Edward Diez

Louis Difrancesco
HydroFoil Sailing Ship

Matthew Diggs
DASY X-Engine

Bogdan Dimitriu
ventilated prosthetic socket

Bogdan Dimitriu
Inflatable cover for prosthetic foot

Victor Diramio
Crown of head suspension

Mohan Divekar
Doubling Output From Solar PV Panels
Free Laser Power From Sun’s Energy

Abhinav Dixit
Water Atomising Based - Exhaust Emission Controller

Lohit Donavalli
Tele Semi Humaniod Robot

Prachet Doshi

Jason Dove
Automated Magazine Guidance System

Carlos Duarte
Electric Bill Monitor

Pavitra Dubey
Temperature Regulating Suit

Rajeev Dubey
Doctor Robo

Anirban Dutta

Ernest Dykes
Modular Autonomous Ag Robotic System (MAARS)

Mark Eaton
Smart X-ray Source

Ayman Eldafrawy
Sea Water Desalination Station With Solar Energy

Sarah Elebiary
Sky Tram - The Wind And Solar-powered High Speed Transportation System

Porferio Eliang
Simple Concept of Stance Control KAFO

Ossama Elsayed
A Photosynthetic Bio-reactor That Produces Bio-fuel From Carbon Dioxide

Renold Elsen
Automatic Water Flow Control Shut Off System
Impulse Type Dynamic Wing Turbine

Poly Endrasik
PolyHitch Modular Utility Products

Harsh Engineer
Fuel Cycle In An Internal Combustion Engine Setup

S E Enjavi
World's First Green Human Robot

Andrey Ermolaev
Assembly Immersion Control

Vamsikiran Eruvaram
energy harvesting magic leaves

Domingo Estrada
Biodegradable Water Bottles for the Modern Culture

John Ettridge
Aid to Assist Parkinson Disease Sufferers
Ettridge Wind Turbine
Gemini Electric Motor & Generator

Steve Evans
Bluetooth Vehicle Burglary Protection

Donald Eyermann
ERV = Electric Recreating Vehicle

Gerald Falbel
"Free Lunch" Climate Change Solution

Jeremiah Farmer
Undersea Desalination Plant
Modular Expandable Multi Rotor

Dimitris Farros

Mansha Fatima
Universal Alert Assistive Device for Hearing Impaired

Tomas Fernandez

Paolo Ferri
Stellar Engine With Magnetic Transfer Of Torque

Randall Flann
RoFo FÚTBOL BevDisHeadgear Beverage Dispenser

Pedro Flecha
Extraction And Porcessing Of Sea Bottom Methane Clathrates

Renita Mary Florence
Optimization Of Water Usage And Seasonal Based Irrigation Using Wireless Networks

Bill Forshey
A New Way To Learn Electronics Technology

Erick Fossum
Active Pixel Sensor Design and Operations

Christopher Frank
Enhanced Meal Experience with Airborne Lightweight Systems
Econect: An Improved Green Taxiing System Focused Around The Landing Gear

Bethany Freynk
Basketball Pick-Up (BP) Machine

Larry Friese
Small Unmanned Precision Cargo Delivery

David Fry
The Wizard of Brewz

Daniel Fucic
Tick- Search & Destroy solution

Kim Fuller
Find Me Safety

David Funnell
Kerrison Rongeur Rescue

David Furtado
Cost-Effective Solar Water Pasteurization System

Diwagar G
Detection Of Human Stress And Reduce The Vehicle Speed By Using Microcontroller Device

Marco Gabaldo
Riscram™ Rocked Ignited Supersonic Combustor Ramjet. Propulsion system for hypersonic aircraft with supersonic combustor. Mach 0 to 30 - Earth Sea Level to Space Exosphere

V S Gokul Gadamsetty
Advanced Driver Assistance System-Sensor Based Speed Breaker Actuation

Subhash Gahlawat
ARTI - Advanced Receiver Transmission Initiative

Phaneendra Kumar Gajavelli
Emergency Door

Phaneendra Kumar Gajavelli
Ignition 360
Optic Sun Lighting

Jean Pierre Gallo

Luciano Gama
Internal combustion engines - eco power control
Clean two stroke engine

Ramakanth Gangayolla
Speech Through Fingers
Text Independent Voice Recognition For Security

Shubhojyoti Ganguly
Project Sangi: Assistive Robots for Blind People

Somnath Garai
Innovative Community/Public Bio-toilet Of Self-dependent Power & Water
Folding Ladder Of Height 50-60 Mtrs For Fire Brigade Which Enables Entry On Narrow Road
Electric Bus Self Dependent for its Own Energy
Prevent Death, Injury, Damage of Car from Road Accident

Julio Cesar Garcia Alvarez
Multi-interface Wireless Charger (MWC)

Alejandro Garcia Soto
Trasgo, a new concept for a powerful electric aircraft

Pankaj Garg
Hybrid Power Plant For Rural Areas

Randolph Garrison
Humanoid telepresence robot
Prosthetic Hand / Robotic end effector
Digital Robotic Hand Controller Glove

Alexander Gatash

John Gaudreault
Planot: Boxless, Full Range, Omnidirectional Speaker

Giorgio Gaviraghi
Symbiosis, Print and Build Housing System

Sudersan Gb
Air-Hydro-Hybrid Technology

Terence Gelo
Slant: Defrosting Container and Cutting Board

Franklin George
Real Time Instrument Cluster On Mobile

Nigeo George
e Horn

Pete Chairez Georges Brandan
Digital Air Brake Stroke Measuring Gauge

Henry Gerard
New Expander that Facilitates Grid-Scale Energy Storage & Recovery

Gustavo Damian Gil Gargolani

Arturo Gleason
Raincity Guadalajara

Jerritt Gluck

Harold Goldbaum
A powerful electricity generator whose functioning depends on magnetic phenomena

Encarnacion Gonzalez
Windshield Airstream Deflector for Vehicles
Extracting Electric Power From Gases
Boxing & Martial Arts Training Device

Bill Goodman
Game Changing Optics for the Future

David Goodson
Solar Powered High Brightness LED Outdoor Lighting

Kishor Goswami

Anushka Goyal
Wristband-Drone System to Aid in Earthquake Rescue
Ionised Air Motor

Darcy Greep

Stephen Griffin
Low Cost, Ergonomic and Efficient Side-Fire Fiber

Jose Gros Aymerich
Improving boat hulls
Heat Pipes as Radiation Shield in Space Flight

Karl Guenther
Elevated Beam Structure for Cargo and People

Piyush Gulhane

Ralph Guppy
Rail Collision Avoidance Drone

Kartik Gupta
Portable Elevator For Construction

Shantam Gupta

Sukrit Gupta
UAV-UGV Collaboration For Disaster Relief And Rescue Missions

Bengt Gustafsson
Adaptive ATN, high capacity Podcar system

Edward Haering
Real-Time Interactive Sonic Boom Display

Sajjad Haidar
Coffee mug warmer by induction heating
Remote Object Detection

Apratim Halder
SFAAS - Smart Fetal ECG Acquisition and Analysis System

David Haley
Low-Head Positive-Displacement Hydro-Generation

Herbert Hall
Close-Coupled Catalytic Converter

Mark Halpern

Alireza Hamidian Jahromi
Novel Chest Tube Design To Alleviate Clogging And Facilitate Video-assisted Thoracoscopic Surgery

Scott Hammond
Kinetic Energy Propulsion

Dong Hun Han
2025 BMW ActiveCity Electric Vehicle Concept

Mahadev Hansda
Improvised Global Vehicle Positioning System using LABVIEW

Hari Haran
Wireless Message Transfering Via Mobile (or) Landline

David Hardy
HYXION Motorcycle

Joseph Harrington
Advanced Monitoring And Diagnostics Knowledge Base For Application Across The Process Industries

James Harry
Self perpetual motion electric generator

Louise Hart
Solar Powered Dental Flosser

Muhammad Noman Hasan

James Hawkins
Turbo Tone

John Hays
Auxiliary Drill Driver
Helicopter Skid Riding Trainer

David Headrick
Laptop Numpad Addition

Gregory Heinen
Efficient Propulsion for a Stratospheric Aerial Relay Aircraft (SARA)

Bill Henderson
Global Earthquake System

Glen Hendrix
System For Producing Fresh Water and Electricity Using Cold Ocean Water In Combination With Wind Power

Colin Henthorne

Marcus Herndon
Surgical Assistant Manipulator Platform

Diana Hess

Jim Hester
NASA Lightweight, Flexible Hatch Seal Device - 3D Printed Design

Oliver Heuss
Active Sound Insulation Window

David Holt
Evaluation of the Effect of Recycled Tire Rubber as Fine Aggregate Replacement on Concrete Properties

Victor Hoppe
Guide to Insulin Administration

Pop Horea-vasile
Bricks with mechanical joining

Abraham H Horstin
Rotary Engine US 7,117,839
Automated Syringe Pump

Onnik Hovanesian
The New and Easy Cat Litter Trays

Marcus Howard

Chien Chien Huang
Small idea, global impact.

Wm Huang
Fully Personalized Comfort Fitting Shoes

James Hubbard Jr
Powering the Internet of Things

Jeremy Hudson
Flexible Smooth Bore PTFE Hose

Anthony Hughes
Multi Powered Energy Generator

Harm Huibers
Jala Pampa

Dan Hunnel
Melanoma "Change-Over-Time" Detection app
Goose-neck Visor/Body Cam

Corey C Hutchinson
Flooded Roadway Indicator

Semih Iktueeren
An Environmental Health And Reclamation Project Aims To Reduce Automobiles' Damage In City Centres

Sergiu Ilinca
400 miles electric sedan, safe at any collision speed
Car/Cleaner Earth's Atmosphere Installation

Shiva Ingole
Portable Sugarcane Harvester

George Ingram
Thunderbird - Applied Predictive Decision Enviroment (APDE)

Rohith Iyyattil
Black Pearl and the Peregrine...

Moseph Jackson-atogi
HipFlex by The Hipsters

Gregory Jacob

Joseph Jacobs

Henning Jacobsen
Perpetual Mobility and Sustainment on Water – Net Zero Cost No Longer a Panacea

Manoj Jagadale
MJ's Ejection System For Commercial Airlines

Scott Jagolinzer
Trackless Multi-Dimensional Ride Vehicle

Rajat Jain

Yashanshu Jain
Kaizen-Plastic Recycling

Kavya Jaiswal
The Chameleon Pen

Bahrul Jalaali
Portable Air Conditioned Shelter For Heat Illness Victims Among Construction Workers

Robert Jansen
Highly Efficient Displacement Hull Form Not Constrained By Hull Speed

Abdul Qader Javed
Wardrobe Suitcase

Farhan Javed
Drag Reduction In Vehicles Using Appendages

Sreevatsan Jaya Kumar
Design and Fabrication of a Twin Shrouded Manned Aerial Vehicle

Diji Jayakaran
Electromagnetic Cosmetic Therapy - Noninvasive
Non Mass Expulsion type Space Propulsion Device
Advanced Continuously Variable Transmission
Advanced 3D Volumetric Display With Variable Occlusion & Variable Opacity
Hinary Computing with Processing speed more than exaflops

Mayampurath Jayamohan
Low Cost Third Redundancy In Hydraulic Power System

Leelananda Jayasuriya
Lateral axis wind turbine

Andy Jeng
iRoadSafe - Pedestrian Safety Warning Wearable System

Soren Jensen

Shaobo Jia
Rapid Delivery Device with Conditioned Space

Parth Jivani
Technology Enabled Solutions for Environmental Protection

Bobby John
Automatic Wall Plastering Machine

Pon Kashmir John
Fingerprint Based Smart Pay And Accident Alert System

Henry Johnson

Don Jones
Beacon Safety Light

Stan Jonutis
Tablet Connector

George Joseph
Over-The-Air Programming (OTA) Based Engine Management Updating System along with mutual data sharing with OEM's for vital performance monitoring

Jinju Joseph
Mobile Modular Fixture Robot

Nagendra Babu K
Jelly Fish Wind Turbine

Suresh K
Innovative Airborne Wind Turbine Using Low cost Kite

Sukesh K S
Areca Nut Tree Climber And Sprayer

Utkarsh Kachhawa
Expandable Cell Phone

Varatharaja Kajamugan
nCbC ( no Cash but Communication )

Pavan Kalyan
Multi-powered energy efficient cycle

Das Ajee Kamath
RVCR - Multi Fuel IC Engine

Shubham Kamlaskar
Blind Stick-Gift for the Blind

Andreas Kappel
Piezoelectric Rotary Actuator

Aakash Karekar
Electronic Motorized Mechanical Blackboard Eraser

Munawar Karim
VTOL Commuter Aircraft

Jason Karmokar
Anti-Sinking Airbag System (ASAS)

Ahmed Kasem
Volare Dominus

Ajay Kashi

Gerald Kashmerick
Continuous Combustion 6-Cycle Engine

John Katsoudas
Nanoelectrofuel: An Advanced Battery Concept For Electric Vehicles

Steven Kaufman
Quikiks Hands-Free Shoes

Manveen Kaur
Heat Exchanger For Automobiles

Melissa Keener
Lockbox - Ruggedized Computing

Michael Keller

Matthew Kern

Mohamed Khalil
Convert the air resistance from negative energy to positive energy

Arindam Khan
Intelligent Mobility System (IMS)

Arpit Khandelwal

Gurtej Khanooja

Johnathan Kiel

Junhyong Kim
Advanced Surface Modification Machine

Norman Kim
Electric Supply Road (ElRoad) and Controller (NErgon C) for EV Car

Sungwan Kim
Maneuverable Capsule Endoscope based on Gimbaled Ducted-fan System

Wonoh Kim
In-Door Positioning and Guidance System for Visually Impaired Using RFID Tactile Paving

Dave King
Non Chemical Mould Inhibitor

Kranthi Kiran
mechanical walking tiger

Shane Kirkbride

Stephanie Knowlton
Portable And Automated Sickle Cell Disease Diagnosis And Patient Monitoring Using Magnetic Levitation

Thorsten Koch
DIYOVINA - Do It Yourself Vibration And/Or Noise Absorber

Jeffrey Kohler
Harsh Environment Protective Housings
Smart Coating for Corrosion Detection and Protection
Sorbent Polymer Extraction and Remediation System (SPEARS)
Permanent Repair System for Polyimide Wire Insulation
Non-Toxic Environmentally Safe Flame Suppressant
Layered Composite Insulation

Oleg Kolesnikov
Limit Free Speed Route

Jaydeep Koradiya
Advanced Side Impact protection system for passenger car

Philipp Kornreich
Range Dectection Camera

Milan Korostenski
Plasma Treatment Of Slurry

Kevin Kozlowski
The OVAL Fire Extinguisher

Krzysztof Kozlowski
Railway Signalling

Roman Kraus
Quiet Cars

Vamshi Krishna

Vamsi Krishna
Recon Robot

Ananya Krishnan
Automotive Ventilation System For A Parked Vehicle Using Solar Power
The Use Of Split Valves In Internal Combustion Engines

Milan Krupa
Xtreme Green, Ultra-light, Multipurpose Vehicle Utilizing Ultra-efficient, Multi-fuel, Rotary Engine
Xtreme Green Rotary Engine To Supplant Lagacy Piston ICE's & Turbines - THE*FUTURE*OF*PROPULSION

Hrishikesh Kulkarni
Water Efficient Toilet

Makarand Kulkarni
Maximum Safe vehicle Speed Indication Based on Vehicle Brake Status and overload condition

Onkar Kulkarni
ConVerti-Go (VTOL transition roadable aircraft concept)

Amit Kumar
Plane Protection System
Super Mobile Charger
Wireless Mobile Charging

Arun Kumar
A2P (Air to power)

Arun Kumar
Hand Gesture Robotic Arm

Arun Kumar
Producing Current Using Magnetic Repulsion Force

Aviral Kumar
shear thickening fluid impregnated protective clothing for bite resistance from animals

Chandan Kumar

Deepak Kumar
Smart Education System

Krishnan Kumar
Integrated Traffic Control Using Weigh In Motion Enabled Signal System

Manish Kumar
Regression Rate Behavior Of Cylindrical Stepped Grain In Hybrid Motor

Ravindra Kumar
Tire's Coefficient of Friction measuring Device

Selva Kumar
Seed Sower Using Mist Blower

Sunil Kumar
Automated House for Physically Challenged using Wi-Fi

Veda Kumar
Self Sustained Magnetic Refrigeration

Sunil Kumar Maurya
Telecom Tower Structural & Radiation Inspection Using MUAV System

Yogesh Kumbhar
Multi-Purpose Bag

Jon Kunowski
Micro Turbine Personal Flight System For First Responders

Julien Lagier

Rama Lakshmi
Safety Train Journey Using ZigBee Technology

Akshay Lala

Christopher Lambert
Physiologically Adaptive Prosthetic Sockets for Optimized Function and Comfort
A Simple Tissue Culture Scaffold

Riley Land
Utilization Of Multiple, Coordinated Unmanned Aerial Vehicles For Downed Aircraft Detection and Location

Charles Lane
Hygenic Fingernail Cleaner

Nasa Langley Research Center
Magnetic Field Response Measurement Acquisition System
Low-Temperature Oxidation/Reduction Catalysts
Low Frequency Portable Acoustic Measurement System
Game And Simulation Control - Control Modification Through User Physiological State
Floating Ultrasonic System
Facile Synthesis of Supported Nanocatalysts With Metal and Metal Oxide Nanoparticles
Compact Long-Reach Robotic Arm

Ellen Langsetmo
Pre Essembled Hermetic Chip Carrier

Andrea Latelladuboyce

John Lauletta
Live Underground Cable Test

Martin Lavelle
The prevention of theft of car components and bicycles

Carl Lawrence
Energy Efficient Electric Four-Place Aircraft

Stephanie Le Beuze
ECHY: Solar Lighting With Fiber Optics

Alexander Lebedev
iBobber Wireless Fishfinder

Minkyu Lee
Wireless Battery Management System for xEVs

Robert Lee
Jules Verne and Gerald Bull Revisited

Francisco Leme Galvao
Regenerative Paddle Wheel River Boat

Peter Lemke
Adaptive Home Automation

Albert Lepore
Automated Potting Machine

Henry Levy
Encrypted Code Remote Wireless Weapon Disabling System
Catamaran Treadmill
Smart, Servo Driven, Talking, "Lead Me Where I Wanna Go," GPS Controlled Guided Walker

David Li
I.D. Me - Fingerprint-based Patient Identification System
A Novel Wireless Tracking System for Medical Equipment

Perry Li
Magic Handle Distributed Human Assistive Load Lifting System
A Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES) System for Wind Turbines

Hakan Lidbo

Alex Lieberman
Orb Mouse

An Ni Lim
Instrumented Footwear For Real Time Intelligent Gait Abnormal Identification

Jim Limber
Hip Joint Replacement Wear Gauge

Abbas Ali Lotfi Neyestanak
Integrated Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (iTMS)

Peng Lu
Innovative Flossing Device That Makes You Enjoy Flossing

Scott Lucero
Redilock: Balancing Gun Safety and Personal Protection

George Kenneth Lucey Jr
Reducing Emergency Vehicle Collisions

Larry Lueder
Zebra Mussles solution

Erik Lumaye
H.E.R.T. - Hand-held Electric Rechargeable "Torch"

Robert Lumley
AirLoom Energy: Wind Power to Disrupt the Energy Market

David Luther
Multi Stage Aerospace Enterprise

Michael Lytinas
Method For Treating Cartilage Defects

Arun M
Lifeguard Shell

Harikrishnan M
A Rescue Robot

Muthuvel M
Drip Irrigation Powered By Solar Cell For Dry Rainfed And No Electricity Area

Raghul M R
e Windshield

Advaith M S
Magnetic Repulsion-fossil Fuel Hybrid

Balaji M S

Jefferson Macalindong
International Flag of Freedom, Free-country, Love and Peace

Alistair Macfarlane
Solid State Regulated AC Transformer

Stephen Macshane

Arun Magesh
MInd Controlled Car

Frieda Mah
Conquer Cancer and Hard To Treat Diseases

Prakash Mahanta
Magnetic Engine

Hassan Mahmoud
Adsorption open cycle air conditioner using a rotary desiccant wheel

Mizanur Majumder
Powerhouse Tug & Barge (PTB) System

Sunny Makadia
To Reduce Radiation Exposure To Human Body From Mobile Devices And Mobile Network Tower

Anil Makahaniya
Development of Reverse Lock Braking System

Tayyab Malik
Design And Development Of A RC VTOL Unmanned Aircraft

Douglas Mallette
Cybernated Farm Systems (CFS)

Jatin Mamoria
Hybrid Trike

Soumen Mandal
Paper Pencil Based Field-effect Transistors And Their Applications

Ashutosh Mane
Smell Messaging Sent
Sound Logging App

Gerald Manfredi
Smart Vest Cam and Computer

Gyanesh Mangal
Energy Multiplying Mechanism

Nikhil Mantody

Suhale Manzoor
Radially Asymmetric Dual Arc (RADA) Profile

Billy Marshall
organic gardener

Bob Matthew
Technology Transfer

Sarah Mays
The Message-Intercept App

Tonie Mbuik

George Mc Neir
TOTALLY Solar Electric Powered Hospital Boat

Gerald Mcclain
The Path to Net-Zero through Ground Source Heat Pump System and Solar

James Mcmichael
Making the Smart Grid Smart

Matt Mcroberts
Pegasus High Endurance Aerial Vehicle

Charles Medlock

Rushil Mehta
Dual Fuel Engine

Vatsal Mehta
Vortex Energy Recovery To Power Aircraft Inflight System

Vishal Mehta
Washing Machine

Edmond Melkomian
Scan Vest

Andrii Melnyk
Wheeled Armored Modular Platform

Robert Melodia
Regenerative Energy System

Omar Merchant
Angiogenic Injectable Nanoscaffold

Avishkar Mestry
Lumia 27v

Luis Alberto Migliorero
Application of the Biefeld Brown Effect

James Miller
Progressive Flow Turbo Compressor Recirculation Valve

John Miller
Autonomous Quadcopter Launch and Retrieval System

Jim Milner
Plug In Hybrid Kit Car
Milner Flying Car

Mehali Mistry
Instant Book Locator: User Friendly Bookshelf

John Mitchell
A Hybrid Energy Capturing System

Keshav Mittal
Expo RXC-1

Jp Mobasher
Green Smart Mass Transit

Omar Mohamed
Saving time in shaper machining process

Bahman Mohammadhoseini
EAML System (Employing Air Molecules as Lenses); To Enhance Laser Beams in Laser Weapons against Terrorists Attacks

Alireza Mohammadi
Local Electromagnetic Steering System for Targeted Drug Delivery

John Monk

Kevin Moore, Mba, Lssbb, Pe
Improve Mobility using Augmented Glasses and Mobile Devices

Amit Morarka
Free Standing Flexible Capillary Made From Silicone Elastomer For Medical And Soft Robotic Applications

Avinash More
Advanced Airplane Location Indicator

Gianantonio Moretto
Train Location And Potential Collision Alert

Sharan Mudda
Hydraulically Actuated Suction Cup enabled Automated Mobile Robotic Arm ( HASCAMRA )

Sai Sushma Muddineni
Voice Controlled Assistive Hand

Norm Muelleman

Roni Mukherjee
Reduction of Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) in Power Inverters

Michael Munter
Adjustable Handle Hammer

Navaroji Muralitharan
Energy Tree

Jai Soorya Muthukumaran
Motor Bike Enabled Vertical Climber (MOBEVER)

Sankharan Muthuswamy
Performance Analysis Of Airfoil Profiles For Different Wind Patterns In Tamil Nadu

Eric Myers
Lid Retainment for a Storage Container
Piezoelectric Alternator/Generator for Improved Fuel Economy

Natalia Mykhaylova
RunFree: Personal Air Purifier Hat
Cleanopy: Air Purifier For Children

Gnanamurugan Mylsamy
iCombimeter and iHelmet

Shivam Nagar
Green Electricity

Balasubramaniyan Nagarathinam
Gravity Powered Agro Friendly Pump

Jagadeesh Nagesh
VARTAK (Variably Applicable, Reliable Transporter & A Knight) - Intelligence Aimed at Better World

Vishal Nageshkar
Explosive Door Hinges in Vehicles

Akhil Nair
Light Fidelity (Li-Fi)

Ganesh Nangare
Power Generation From Outlet Of The Water Pump

Naveen Narayanankutty
Driver's Night Light Guide

Marco Nardone
A New Paradigm of Thin-Film Solar Electricity

Michael Nasab
How to Develop and Create Virtually Unlimited Number of Diverse Products By Using a Single Hardware Platform

Alan Nash
Application of Battlefield Point of Injury & Trauma Medical Device System

Zeid Nasser
Rubber Pothole and Manhole Cover Filler

Sauravmoy Nath
Self Conductive Cell
Human Life Defendable Aircraft
Idea For Future Talking System Using Human Mind

Shreyasvi Natraj
Puri Pods
Hybrid Airplanes

Gustavo Navarro
Kinematic Energy and Heat to Electricity Harvesting Tire Apparatus (TorusPTZ1)

Anjum Naveed Pk
4 Wheeled Micro Car

Nitheesh D Nayak
Automation In Coconut Powder Making: A Concept

Nancy Neil
Hyper Efficient Lighting

Shah Nejad
Automotive Navigation System Using Ultra-sounding Tracker Sensor

Nicholas Nesbitt

Tram Nguyen Huynh Ngoc
SPORTSLOVER - A convenient mobile application for sports players

Adrian Ioan Niculescu
ISAS – Integrated Shock Absorber–Air Spring

Cole Nielsen
On-Orbit Manufacture of Satellites

Sourabh Nimodiya
Traffic Managment

Srinivas Nistala
Pocket Power Supply

Mateus Noro Villas Boas
Thunder - Rain Gear for Bikes

Engr. Chinenye Justin Nwaogwugwu
Multisurface Degreaser/Cleaner

Merlyn Nyght
Re-purposing floodwater to provide water to the arid Southwest states and California

Alex Oconnor
Triple Fuselage Flying Wing

Wieslaw Oledzki
Rotary Engine for Power Generation
Progressive Steel Vehicle Suspension
Spherical Engine

Csaba Orban
Brush-Pick "The Ultimate Oral-Care"

Alejandro Oreamuno
Rain Maker

Anton Ovemars
Extremely efficient multifuel rotary engine

Taslim Owonikoko
Waste Plastics Become Artificial Wood To Clean Ocean-Landfills For Delay-Deforestation & GHG Absorption
Wearable Tech Gadgets On Green Strappings
Density Differential Based Oil-Water Separator Working Continuous With Biodegradable Sludge Digester

Tanil Ozkan
3D Printer to Aid Visually Impaired Consumers in Their Daily Life

Sreehari P V
Nigi Torque Multiplier

Sanket Panchal
Automatic Paddy Transplanter

Sameer Panda
Puncture Proof Burst Proof Tire

Aditya Pandey
Design & Development Of A Novel Flapping Wing Mechanism For An Ornithopter

Satyam Pandey

Kannan Pandi
Copper Shield Our Health (Ancient Knowledge Meets Modern Technology)

Mangesh Pandit

Prateek Pandit
RefUSE Initiative

Pranay Pankaj
Angular Side View Mirror Using Steering Mechanism

Ravi Paramanandam
Valved Two Stroke Engine -PartII

Sharad Parekh

Kush Parikh

Gautam Parjapati
Gyroscopic Multi-movement Ducted Propellers For Aircraft

Dong Hoon Park
Advanced Power Shift Clutch

Allen Parker
CryoFOSS: Using Fiber Optic Technology for Liquid Level Sensing

D.p. Parkhe
Universal Tape Dispenser

James Parry
Shaving Conditioner

Milan Patel
Automated Control System for Greenhouse Environment

Milan Patel
WPT- Wireless Power Transmission

Sanket Patel
"Smart Car Communication System" To Prevent Accidents Caused By Human Error
Engintronics-"Camless Electronic Engine"
Smart Hybrid Bike (Petrol/Electric)
Air Seating for Cars

Akshay Patil

Eddie Paul
New Powerful Engine

Rachel Pautler

Buryl Payne
Brain Harmonizer

Kavin Pc
Automatic Bill Payer Machine

Germano Pecoraro
Tram-Train Freight

Rick Pelfrey
Transfer Port Engine

Esteban Pena Pitarch
Driving device for a hand movement and sensation

Fahim Peracha
Brain-Brain and Brain-Technology communication

Vitor Pereira
Electroencephalogram (EEG) protocol for to disentangle neural correlates of phenomenal from access consciousness vision

Philip Perera
Fixture Suitable For Piling Kelly Bar Maintenance

Walt Perko

Mats Persson
Charging Mini Pad
Home RBS Makes You Call More For Less

Sally Phang
PlaxiCRAFT Life Saving & Rescue Craft

Shubham Phoolari
Brain Controlled Arm With Thrusters
Self Proclaiming Generator for Automobiles
Intelligent Helmet

Anthony Piazza
Strain Gage for Highly Elastic, Low-Modulus Materials Possessing Strain Range Greater than 100 Percent

Wayne Pickette
Electrically activated fluid-powered Muscle Simulator System
Digital Stepping Device

Adam Pilat
An Automated Method For Fibrin Clot Permeability Assessment

Chaitanya Pise
All Seeing Eye

Larry Pope
Aviation for the Next 100 Years

Isaac Porras
Solderdoodle Pro: USB Rechargeable Soldering Iron

John Porter
Bringing our Railways into the 21st Century

Terry Potter
Sleeved Shock Absorber

Mark Poust
Pneumatic Tire Valves

Sathya Prabhakar
Gesture Based Smart Supportive System For The Disabled And Elderly

Deepan Prabhu
Magnetic Levitation Loom

Indika Prasad
Ejectable Crew/Passenger Compartment For Aircrafts/Helicopters/Aerospace Vehicles

Jubilee Prasad Rao
Cyclic Pitch Vertical Axis Turbine Inspired By Birds

Abhinav Pratap
Smart Mirror

Pooja Priyadarshini
Design and Development of railways using quantum levitation

Carlos Proano
Asperger Syndrome Health Condition Sensorial Detector

Karl Prodinger
Rehabilitation of wet buildings

Bogdan Profir
Speed Limiters

Bart Pronk
The ShipLifeBag

Alberto Prud Homme
Glasses with automatic polarizable regions to help in high sensitivity to light
Micro interface to control robotic prosthesis, using the axons of motor nerves

Sreenivasulu Pulla
Aero Load Decider
LPG Gas Leakage Detector

Seeanth Punnakkal
Airloon - Atmoshperic Home air conditioner

Benita Purnamasari
Stackable Tumbler

Andrey Pushkarev
The Shells - set of coffee tables

Hariharan Pv
Woven Vegetation Fiber Composites for MONOCOQUE Structures in Boat/Aircraft/Cars/Construction

Carlo Quinonez
Project Pyra: World's First 3D-Printed Oven

Padmini R
A Novel Method For Self Regulated Coil Winding Machine

Vikash R
Automatic Exterior Wall Painter

Mel Radford
Firefly Rural Electrification System

Ashutosh Raj
SPYBOT: The Virtual Presence

Mohanraj Rajangam
Thermo Exhaust Generator

Aravindan Rajasekharan
AmbiCopter-Transport & Rescue Vehicle

Riju Raju

Tibor Rak

Seshagiri Ramachandran

Rishikeshlalbabu Ramiya
Wireless Approaching Train Warning System and Automatic Gate Control for Unmanned Level Crossings
Wireless Based Seat Level Position Sensor
2D Electronic Toric Marker
State-of-the-art Security And Automation Solutions Using Infrared Rays

Shanmuga Srinivas Ramkumar
Lightweight Composite Wheel

Hans Ramzan
The Phone Cell

Graham Randall
Fetal Welfare Monitoring Using Light And Sound

Sapna V Rao
A Legitimate Person Authentication System Using Retinal Veins And Ecg As Biometric Parameters-A Bimodal Biometric

Sohan Rao
Car to Car Communication Module (CCC)

Surbhi Raval
Automatic Tyre Inflation System

Tomasz Rawinski
A New, Secure Internet

Sreedhar Reddy
Exhaust Collections & Processing – An Approach Toward Sustainability

Aziz Rehman
ORC Turbocharger

Joseph Resnick
Honeybee Nano Bubbles®
Grab-Crab™ Quick-Capture Attended Waterman Trap

Madeleine Rhodes
The Puzzle Note

John F Ribera
Explosive Material Identification from a Distance

Robert Rice
DAVID: Digital Anatomic Visual Informatics Device

Lance Richards
Real-Time Fiber Optic Sensing System

Ryan Riedel
Solar Heated and LED Lit Overhead Highway Sign

Luigi Rinaldi

Jorge Rios

Jose Luis Roca
Double Layer Chamber

Serge Rocha Da Fonseca
Simplified Rocket Guidance System For Atmospheric Boost Ascent And Boosted Recovery Phases

Cutberto Rodriguez
Emotions Mobile Detector

Bill Rogers
HiPer Solar Systems

Charles Rosendorf
Quantum Vacuum Energy Extraction

Michael Rother
Yard Mule Property Maintenance System

Jaime Ruiz
Needle Removal Pen

Chanaka Rupasinghe
Nanolaser Cancer Therapy

Harshitha S

Madhankumar S
Automatic Vacant Parking Slot Detection And Tracking Using Wireless Sensors

Spurthy S

Kalani Sa
Hydrogen Extraction

Anita Sabapathy

Abhisekh Saha
Molecular Sieves Air Filter for Cars

Sourabh Saha
A Low-cost Passive Alignment System for Micro and Nano Imprinting

Bollapragada Sai Sandeep
Blood For Engine

Mattaparthi Sai Sandeep
Hurricane Control Using Space Solar Power Satellites (SPS)

Maddali Sai Swaroop
Gene Alterations by Nanotechnology

Edson Saito
Optimization Of Fuselage Structural Assembling Using Cooperative Robots Platforms Based On One-step Assembly And Automatic Rivet Sealing

Kumar Sambhav
Bomb Detector

Ahmed Samy
power station under the water

Ronny Sanchez Merino
Flexolar: Ecological Flashlight

David Sandgrund
the arc shelf

Edward Sandoval
Cell Phone App to program the Mind

Gary Sandstedt
Means To Remove Blood Stream Deposits From A Body

Nishit Sangomla
Solar Wind Hybrid system for rural Electrification

Xabier Sanjuan
Commercial Aircraft Emergency System Deployed to Save Lives

Kurt Sanner
A Low-Cost, Low-Power, Portable Mounting Platform for Auto-Tracking Antenna

Adharsh Santhanam
Electromagnetic car battery charging

Surya Satyavolu
Radar Guided Wirelessly Controlled Automated Highway System

Gigi Savona
An Economical Lightweight Field Deployable PiezoElectric Gravimeter (PEG)
Wireless, One-way, Sensor to Base Station Monitoring System for Explosive and Non-hazardous Environments
Floating Piston, Isolation Valve

Savvas Savvakis
the SARM Project

Chandan Saxena
Gearless Bi-freewheel Differential

Andrey Saykin
Development Of The “Ecologically Clean” Vehicle Conception By Providing Effective Refinement Of The Air Inside Car Compartment

Arthur Schlauch
The Helical Impeller

Stephen Schmutzer

William Schonlau
Ultra Wide Field Eyewear Display

George Schrader
Integrated Distribution System

Thomas Schum
Hot and Taut Wire Airspeed Sensor

Ervin Scott
Bluetooth Embedded Amplifier

Tomooki Seki
Perpetual Motion Machine using Inverse Magnetostrictive Effect

Jack Senter
Soil Monitoring for Irrigation Control & Others

Mayur Seth
Intelligent Plant Watering System

Vinothkumar Sethurasu
Implementation Of Reverse Gear In 2 Wheeler

Jo Sevenfivethree
Nooalf International Spelling

Mohanish Shah
Punctured Assistant Apparatus

Rishit Shah
development of rail side windmills

Shalv Shah
Hybrid Motorbike
Water Purification using SUN's UV Energy

Vruddhi Shah

Jaffar Shaik
shark wheel

Amir Shakeri Fard
An Innovative Method of Creating Gas Tubes

Avinash Shaligram
Simultaneous Production of Potable Water and Hot Water

Hameem Shanavas
Intelligent Wheel Chair

James Shand
Motorcycle Stabilizion System

Daniel Shani
Ultra-compact, Road-mounted Energy Harvesting System

Santhosh Kumar Shanmugam
Train Doesn't Require Fan

Siva Shanmugam
Wind brakes actuated by electro magnet for automobile braking (Aerodynamic braking)
Braking The Vehicle By WIND Resistance (Newton’s 3rd Law)
How to rotate the wind turbine by using carry bags instead of blades?

Dan Shannon
Orthotic Leg Brace Non-Compressive Massage Pads

Anand Sharma
Bluetoth Guitar Module

Mohit Sharma
Aircraft Carrier (New Deck Landing System, Variable Sweep Propellers)

Rajiv Sharma
Fastest Ambulance In The World
Rotor/turbine Etc. With Small Discharge Of Fluid, Its Related Applications
Transportation System Used Lift And Gravitational Force Into Forward Thrust
Increase In Payload Without Increasing The Size Of Ship/Boat/Marine Vehicles
Smartphone Falling Impact Protection
Cross-sectional Area Converting Machine
Walking And Running Transportation System

Sahil Sharma
Dual-Power IC Engine

Barry Sharrow
Completely Embedded Hearing System

Pavel Shehter
Engine Designer

Jin Shen

Emily Shepherd
A Distributed Peer? Approval Code Collaboration Model

Alexander Shkolnik
CHP System with Internal Waste Heat Recovery

Jeffrey Short
Harvesting Electricity from Ambient Turbulence (HEAT)

Abhishek Shrotri
Air Conditioning System Of Car Working On Exhaust Of Engine

Michael Siegel
Conversion of Waste Kitchen Foods and Animal Waste in Organic Animal Feed, Pesticides and Fertilizer

Scott Silvenis
Creative Caring Corporate Initiative

Dr. Endre Simonyi
Coal Production With A Reagent From Potash, Limestone And Soda Water

Aadarsh Singh
Traffic Red Light And Stop Sign Detection Camera For Preventing Side Impact Crashes

Baij N Singh

Manarshhjot Singh
Posture Compatible Bicycle

Rishabh Singh
RECAP (Reduce Energy Consumption And Pollution)

Sandeep Singh
Automatic Pipe Expander Machine
Design Four Wheel Steering System With Four Modes

Sumit Singh

Varun Mohan Singh
Fueled Power Generation For An Electric 2 Wheeler

Uday Singhal
Efficient Engine of Cars

Aninda Sircar
Green cooling and Energy Regeneration in Vehicles

Bartlomiej Siwek
Van Fly (R)

Rafael Skodlar
Semi-Autonomous Personal Assistant (SAPA)

Mark Skoog
A Proven System for Preventing Ground Collisions of Aircraft

Matthew Smeeth
The Development Of A Test Rig For A New Fuel

Bradford Snipes
Zero Brine Discharge Multiple Effect Desalination

Gamal Soltan
New Loader Equipment

Jiechen Song
Mype - Expand Urban Space Through An Interface Design
Flowing Last-Mile Logistics

Vimal Soni
Corvi LED Tube 2

Sujit Sonone
Water Tunnel

Ganesh Srinivas
Fingerprint Starting System

Srikumar Srinivasan
Low Cost Quake Proof Shelter

Matt Stackpoole
Safety Shift

Gary Stark
PRT Project

Valentin Stavrev
Attitude and Divert Control for VTVL Launch Vehicle

Christian Stclaire
2 Stroke Engine 4000 to 1 Gasoline / Oil Mix Ratio

Kenneth Steel
Rescue Device For People Trapped In Multilevel Buildings With Fire Below

Panagiotis Stefanides
Universal Solar [Source] Locator and Tracker System

Brian Stofiel
Balloon Launched Orbital Rocket System

Michael Stone
Exoskeletal Yard Tools

Anders Stubkjaer
Modular Jet Ski; No Trailer; Affordable; High Performance

M Subramanian
Automatic Side Stand Retrieval System

Siddaiah Sudarshan
Flat Generator

In Soo Suh
A Prototype of 4WD Micro Electric Vehicle with Foldable Body Design

Aadhithya Sujith
Fruit Grabber Drone
Helmet Activated Key Holder

Nithish Sukumar
Hill Holder Device With Automatic Bidirectional Clutch for Vehicles

Ennis Sullivan
Triad Lift and Propulsion Design with Dynamic Center of Gravity for Horizontal Airplane Flight

Nichole Sullivan
The N5 FILO (First-In-Last-Out) An Ultra-Small, Low-Cost Hazardous Gas Detector Using Novel Chip-Scale Chemical Sensor Technology
The N5 Sport: An Ultra-Small, Low-Cost Pollution Gas Detector Using Novel Chip-Scale Chemical Sensor Technology
The N5 Medic: An Ultra-small, Low-cost Gas Toxin Personal Monitor To Assist Individuals With Poor Respiratory Health Using Novel Chip-scale Chemical Sensor Technology

Tishreen Sultan
Using HPG to Treat Burns

Sumit Suman
Flying Train

Roger Sundman
A Novel Processor Architecture for the Internet of Things

Eddy Supriyanto
Water-based Fuel Gas Generator

Subbarao Surampudi
Direct Methanol Feed Fuel Cell and System

Nemo Surpio
2-floor Car With Concave Solar Panels For Efficiency And Aerodynamics

Utkarsh Suthar
Variable Displacement Engine-Maximum Efficiency And Lowest Emissions

Vanitha Swamiappan

Jeffrey Swope
3D Tire Printing Mounting

Irshad T
Design And Fabrication Of Coconut Husk Remover With Shell Cutter

Kasikumar T
Computational Analysis Of A Unibody Construction For Sports Utility Vehicle

Sangavi T
Tongue Controlled Mouse Pointer: An Asssistive Technology For The Disabled

Yasukazu Takashima

Tapani Talo
50% of USA Energy

Lien Chiow Tan
Electric Vehicle powered by g-EN CO2 engine with no range limitation
g-EN CO2 Engine

Joseph Tarsio
Assembly of Multiple Organ Types and Configurations from Multipotent Mesenchymal Stem Cells Using 3D Printers

Sasan Tavakkol

Geoff Taylor
Diesel Powered Hammer - Slammer
Inductor Jet Engine
Rocker Walker
Internal Swivel Caster
Eco Zip-its

Craig Teale Jones
AESP – Advanced Electronic Stability Program

Erp2 Team
Electric Power Reconfigurable Rotor VTOL Concept

Viktoria Terman
UV-C Cell Saver

Victor Thai
Addressable Light Fixture Controller

Arvinth Thennarasan
Multi-cutting Shearing Machine

Nguyen Thi Xuan My
ATS Message Gateway

Sidhant Pravinkumar Thole

Conrad Thomas
Wearable Physiology Monitoring Development Platform

Gregory Thomas
The WellCar - Delivering Healthcare in the Rural Environment

Sunil Baily Thomas

Litty Thomas John
Active Baggage Handling System

Deepak Thomas Kallely
Smart Materials to Improve Aerodynamic Efficiency

John Thompson
Instant Gusset

Sai Gautham Thoppa
Universal Reader for the Blind

Bert Thuresson
Wind Turbine

Richard Topf
Dutch Treat

Maharshi Trivedi
Automatic Water Refilling System

Garry Neil Trochymchuk

Thomas Tsotsis
Widespread water harvesting

Ben Tupper
Portable Fax Caddy

Vipin Tyagi
Electric Bike

Adrian Tymes

Josiah Umezurike

Lee Underkofler
Alternate Energy, Affordable, Simple, Series-Hybrid EV "People's Car"

Emil Ureel

Kanpur Rani V
The Intelligent Cradle (I-Cradle)

Mathijs Vaessen
SPIN Remote - The Simplest, Most Stylish Remote Ever

Arash Vafanejad
Creating Sensations Of Touch, Over-the-air, For True Immersion In Virtual Or Augmented Reality

Mojtaba Valinejadshoubi
Green Roof with Collection and Purification Capabilities of Rainwater

Ragav Vasudevan
A New Robotic Arm Using 3DOF GEAR Unit

Hector Vega Rodriguez
Medical Camera for diagnosis

Rolee Verma

Christo Versteeg

Ganesh Vinayaga Sundaram
An Intelligent System For Variable Brake Force Generation On Two Wheeler

Premkumara Viswanathan
To Identify Aircraft Crash and Ensure Passengers' Saftey

Jos Volkers
The Mycoremediating Biodegradable Closed Ecological System

Lev Vozchikov

Himanshu Vyas
Anti-Collision Technology For Automobiles

Sachin Wagle
Speed Breaker on Road to Lift Water

Harry Wainwright
Real Rock Lights
Portable Wireless Medical Monitoring System for Triage Units, Military Environments, and Developing Nations

Akshay Wakode
Mini Quadcopter With Wireless Video & Audio Seen On Mobile

Yinxu Wang
A Truly Wearable Healthcare and Fitness Device Aimed at Making a Better Life

Patrick Ward

Chris Whelan
Turbo-Cooling System

Clayton Whiteside
(GrowLife) Off-Grid Recirculatory Aquaponics Starter System

Raymond Williams
Mass Ignition Internal Combustion Engine

Scott Winroth
Low Cost 3D Printed Linear Motion System

Alvin Wirthlin
Intelligent Hitch for Measuring Both Trailer Weight and Tongue Weight

Saul Wiseman

Tracy Witham
The Reel Boat: Wheeled Efficiency for Watercraft

John Woelfl

Calvin Woosnam
Safe & GREEEN Future

Vivek Yadav
Designing And Manufacturing Of Quad Bike - A Revolution To Agricultural

Areeb Yaqoob
CAP Exoskeleton

Donald Yates
Water Wonder Discoverer

Alejandro Pedro Yaya
Low Orbit Satellite

Sean Yildirim
Events Reinvented

Chris Yingling
the MultiBrush

Colin Young
World Land Speed Record (Wheel-Driven) Project

Janet Young
Quick Harvester System
Quick Harvester System
Sisi Cup

Mohamed Yussouf
Smart Relief Valve

Michael Zeldich
Free form sandwich panels

Yale Zhang
Mobile Oximeter for Rural Child Pneumonia Diagnosis

Jun Zheng
A Special House Structure For Defending Against Very Hot Weather

Douglas Zietlow
synCCT(TM) The Key to Sustainable Electricity

Len Zima
Corner High Pressure Vessel

Trent Zimmer
Waste Reducing Interlocking Bottle for Construction

Crash Zone
Designated Crash Zones

Jacinto Zulueta
Gravity/Air Generators
Residential Portable CNC Hydraulic Robot Assistant
Cooperating Security Robotic System
Smart Car Stick-ons, Plug-ins
Wearable, Weather/Water Proof Safety Lights For Athletes

Lei Zuo
A Novel Energy Regenerative Shock Absorber

Nissim Zur
An Artificial Intelligence Wireless Vital Signs Plaster

Wojciech Zwolak
Robotic Head To Drill Wells In The Ground By Explosive Charges With The Cumulative Intermediate Medium - Water
Fiber Optic Photovoltaic Cell
Power Module, The Electric Drive Powered Laser Beam